TV Recap

‘The Rookie’ 3×13 Review: “Triple Duty”

The Rookie 3×13 “Triple Duty” returns showing us the systematic racism that exists in our society and the difficulty of changing things.

‘Girls5Eva’ Needs To Be 5Eva Gone

Girls5Eva is well… bad. The critics like it, so we are confident in our feelings that it’s just soooo bad.

‘Younger’ 7×07 Review: “The Son Also Rises”

Younger 7×07 “The Son Also Rises” makes us like Charles again and feel that Charliza’s return is closer than we think. Join us in our review!

‘Big Sky’ 1X14 Review: “Nice Animals”

Big Sky’ episode 1X13 ‘White Lion,’ ended with a bang and that’s where ‘Big Sky’ episode 1X14 “Nice Animals” picks up. We review.

‘Cruel Summer’ 1×04 Review: “You Don’t Hunt, You Don’t Eat”

We return to review Cruel Summer 1×04 “You Don’t Hunt, You Don’t Eat”, that introduces us more deeply in the nightmare that Kate lived.

‘9-1-1’ 4×11 Review: “First Responders”

9-1-1 operators are heroes. This week’s 9-1-1 ”First Responders” shows us why as Sue risks her life to save a girl and stop a kidnapping.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×01 Review: “Ground Control to Sara Lance”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×01 “Ground Control to Sara Lance” shakes the status quo for the Legends as they try to deal with one of their own being kidnapped by aliens. Yes, that sentence would sound ridiculous for any show. Any…

‘The Rookie’ 3×12 Review: “Brave Heart”

The Rookie 3×12 “Brave Heart” shoots straight for our hearts as it proves that women steal the show and set things up for the finale.

‘Shadow And Bone’ Season Review: “Heart In The Shadows”

We are here to do a season review of Shadow and Bone! This show has a heart, that’s why we title this review “Heart in the Shadows.” Join us!

‘Younger’ 7×06 Review: “The F Word”

In Younger 7×06 “The F Word” Charliza’s problems continue to grow as Liza and Kelsey set out on a new course. Maggie and Josh learn something

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Shadow and Bone’ 1×07 “The Unsea”

Look, there is no redemption for The Darkling. None. Like if I was Alina, I would f*cking kill him. Like nope. He’s the worst

‘Big Sky’ 1×13 Review: “White Lion”

‘Big Sky’ episode 1×12 ‘No Better Than Dogs’ left us with some pretty shocking moments. Here’s a recap: Cassie was saved from a kidnapping We found out that both John Wayne and Rand were at the caretakers house the night…

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Shadow and Bone’ 1×06 “The Heart is An Arrow”

Where we establish that there is no greater ship than #Malina, Kirigan has small dick energy, and NO ONE is trustworthy.

‘Cruel Summer’ 1×03 Review: “Off With A Bang”

We’re here again! Cruel Summer 1×03 “Off With a Bang” comes loaded with more unknowns, secrets, questions and … some answers. We review.

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Shadow & Bone’ 1×03 “The Making at the Heart of the World”

Episode 3 and our allegiances are being tested, but what remains is our love and devotion to Kaz.. and now, a goat too.

‘Manifest’ 3×4 Review: “Tail Spin”

I am back on my brand and remembering why #Manifest is a shit show and this show makes no f*cking sense

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Shadow & Bone’ 1×02 “We’re All Someone’s Monster”

We’re diving into episode 2 of #ShadowAndBone and how even though we’re loving Ben Barnes as The Darkling, Malina may be stealing our heart.

‘Younger’ 7×05 Review: “The Last Unicorn”

We’re back one more week! After last week’s marathon, Younger 7×05 “The Last Unicorn” shows us the twists and turns of various characters while settling future conflicts and taking us deeper into Charliza’s emotional problems. Charliza is once again the elephant in the…

‘Big Sky’ 1×12 Review: “No Better Than Dogs”

Every single episode of Big Sky leaves us in shock and Big Sky episode 1×12: “No Better Than Dogs,” really got us. Let’s discuss.

‘Cruel Summer’ Premiere Review: “Cruel Life”

Cruel Summer is here! You enjoyed this intriguing show in a two-hour special event and it hooked us from the beginning. We review it here!

‘9-1-1’ 4×09 Review: “Blindsided”

9-1-1 returned this week, and “Blindsided” was an absolute emotional rollercoaster.  Usually this show is great at adding in humor with the serious issues but not this week. This was an amazing episode but very serious and devastating. We cried.…