It’s hard to believe that The Bold Type‘s fourth season has come and gone with a flash. It feels like just yesterday when the show returned amid a slew of changes at Scarlet. But, if possible, the end of the season marks even bigger changes on the horizon for Kat,Read More →


We’re staring down a season finale with more questions than answers, especially after this penultimate episode. What’s next for Jane and Ryan? Is Kat willing to risk her job for what’s right? Is Sutton actually going to move to San Francisco — especially with her dream job right in front of her?Read More →

New Amsterdam has a way of changing you. You don’t know it’s happening, but it just is. They just hit you with real life and they hit you with things that could happen. But they most of all have you so invested in their characters that you are rooting forRead More →

Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it’s that Manifest finally showed some potential. For you know for like 21 minutes of the show. The rest of it – well all of it’s debatable. And by debatable – I mean this show is still a wanna be lost with no hopeRead More →

We have one more episode of Deputy until the season finale, and after this and I have to say I am interested to see how the season ends. Sure, I give a lot of shows shit, but when one finds its footing with some complexity and finally learns the meaningRead More →

Deputy has finally found its footing. Well like half a foot and a small toe. Sure, it’s getting there and I do believe that it’s a show that is worth finding both feet on the ground. The way that needs to happen is a stronger writing staff and character developmentRead More →

Make it stop. I will never – for the life of me – understand what it is that made NBC cancel Timeless, but keep the shit show that is Manifest on the air. Maybe someone missed Lost or felt like they weren’t getting enough religion in their life. Then againRead More →

The Bold Type always manages to deliver great hours of television. Its mix of humor, seriousness, and its focus on the beautiful friendship and individuality of its characters is something so wonderful. But what’s also so incredible about this show is how it’s able to address important topics in our world. Topics that aren’t necessarily talked about enough.Read More →

I have very big thoughts on what it takes to have a good television show. And one of those things is maintaining strength, evolving story lines, and character growth. If you don’t have these you are stuck in a stagnant circle that makes the viewer want to be done withRead More →

There is not a moment of New Amsterdam that does not invoke emotion, make you think twice about the way that life is, and think about the way that life should be. New Amsterdam both broke my heart and made me want to vomit in the same episode. I meanRead More →