Twitter Universe

Sydney Sweeney Addresses Trending On Twitter

Twitter is a cess pool of evil sometimes and it needs to be regulated. This whole situation is beyond fucked up

Lauren Hough Shows us what not to do on Book Twitter

The “main character of the day” is now as much as part of Twitter’s vernacular as “milkshake duck” and “tarantula dick.” It is common knowledge that, every day, without fail, one person messes up so badly that their mistake is…

Chrissy Teigan Returns To Twitter

We missed her, so we’re glad that Chrissy Teigan made the choice to return to Twitter.

Hailey Bieber Talks About Why She Doesn’t Use Twitter Anymore

Hailey Bieber talks about why she left Twitter and what the platform made her feel like. See her latest vlog.

Chrissy Teigan Has Left Twitter

Twitter is a hell hole a lot of the time so we totally get why a lot of people don’t want to be on it. Are we shocked that Chrissy Teigan left? Yes. But inspired.

‘Shadow & Bone’ Releases In Less Than One Month And The Fans Have Thoughts

It’s a month until we enter the Shadow Fold and we’re on a countdown. But then again… we’re not the only ones.

‘Shadow & Bone’ Fan Reactions That We’re Loving

When Netflix posts #ShadowAndBone content the fandom reacts and well… we feel seen. See our favorite reactions to todays content.

‘One Tree Hill’ Made It Into A Psychology Textbook

#OneTreeHill made it into a psychology textbook and the stars have something to say. We fully support what they had to say.

Barstool, the NWHL, and White Feminism

This Barstool situation has exposed a problem with the NWHL and with women’s hockey culture at large that needs to be addressed, and soon.

Selena Gomez Calls Out Facebook For Spreading Misinformation

In todays world, misinformation can be deadly. Selena Gomez calls out Facebook for the misinformation about COVID on their platform.

Jennifer Lawrence Goes For A Run To Celebrate The Biden/Harris Win

As if we couldn’t love Jennifer Lawrence more…

Best Twitter Reactions To The 2020 Elections

Let’s face it, these elections are taking our lives! After these stressful days with vote counting, what better way to relax than with a few memes? Twitter is capable of bringing us back to life with reactions and memes to…

Best Internet Halloween 2020 Costumes

Yesterday was Halloween!  That means candy, decorations, and … costumes!  Yes, even if it is to stay at home because you know, pandemic, we had to dress up to make this Halloween 2020 something more normal within this crazy and demonic year.  The…

Donald Trump Has Coronavirus And The Internet Has Thoughts

The world was turned upside down in a week! Donald Trumpy Trump has coronavirus and, having been obtuse (to put it delicately), a denialist and a truly superb idiot, he’s meme fodder and the internet has some thoughts on this.…

‘Savage X Fenty Show Vol. II’ Is Here and The Internet Has Thoughts

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show Vol. II is now available on Amazon Prime Video.  And it’s one of the best we’ve seen in 2020! A show like this was needed in this world, especially in the environment of fashion, where if you don’t…

Halsey Tweets & We Listen: Read Some Of Our Favorite Halsey Tweets

Erin may not listen to Halsey’s music, but she will correct that misstep in life. For now, she’s obsessed with Halsey’s twitter.

Josh Gad Shares A Text Message He Received From Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman will always inspire. Rest in peace and rest in power.

Chrissy Teigen Asks What We All Want To Know And That’s Why She’s Amazing

Chrissy Teigen is a twitter goddess who asks all the burning questions and we love her so much for it.

Kevin McHale Accidentally Gives His Boyfriend Salmonella

Kevin McHale, of Glee fame, made his man breakfast and apparently undercooked some chicken sausage.

Charlie Puth Responds To Toxic Stan Culture

Stan culture is fucking scary. It’s a toxic place that no one wants to be the aim of.