Walker Texas Ranger

More Pictures From The Pilot Episode of ‘Walker’ Released

#Walker keeps looking better and better to me. See pictures from the first episode, entitled, #Pilot.

See The First Pictures From The CW’s ‘Walker’

The first pictures, teaser trailer, and poster for The CW’s #Walker are here and we’re SO excited for this show! Can’t wait to see it this January!

Check Out the New Trailer for ‘Walker’

The CW has released a new trailer for Walker, starring Jared Padalecki, and we gotta admit we’re intrigued.

The CW Releases The First Teaser For ‘Walker’

“For a long time, I chose duty over family. Until one day … that wasn’t an option.”

A ‘Supergirl’ Star Joins The CW’s ‘Walker’ Series

A familiar face joins the cast of the CW’s #Walker series. We ain’t mad about it.

Genevieve Padalecki Joins The Cast Of ‘Walker’

Name a better husband and wife duo. We’ll wait.

Coby Bell Joins The Cast of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’

It’s getting really hard for me to make fun of Walker, Texas Ranger. Why? Because the cast is just out of this world amazing. The show, which will air on The CW, is a reboot of the classic. It stars…

Keegan Allen Joins The Cast of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’

Walker, Texas Ranger is going to be a show that we definitely watch. Sure, personally, I will always be drawing comparisons to the original. However, the fact that some of our favorite CW actors and now a Freeform one in…

‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Adds To The Cast

I remember the original cast of Walker, Texas Ranger and I admit – I hated it. It’s Chuck Norris, people. How can one not love/hate that? While it’s rare that I think that something can out do the original, the…

Jared Padalecki Set To Star in ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Reboot

If we’re being honest, I hated the original Walker, Texas Ranger. That shit was horrible and my Dad used to make us watch it for family TV night. Is it a wonder that I hated family TV night? But I…