There are a great many things that separate Dark Phoenix as a mediocre film. Its antagonists — shapeshifting space aliens led by Yuk (a bored Jessica Chastain) — are comically underdeveloped. Its screenplay —  written by X-Men franchise veteran and Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg — seems to forget thatRead More →

The long awaited trailer for Dark Phoenix, starring Sophie Turner, has just landed and it looks lame. Before you go off wailing about how I don’t know anything, let’s clarify that I’ve enjoyed X-Men for the longest time. From the comics to the cartoons, I’ve been all for X-Men. IRead More →

One of the most anticipated tv shows of the fall without a doubt is The Gifted, the latest entry into the X-Men universe airing on Fox. Not only does it star all-star talent like Amy Acker (Person of Interest) and Stephen Moyer (True Blood) but also up and coming newRead More →

As we head into network upfronts, networks are beginning to unveil their fall 2017 schedules. NBC released theirs on Sunday, which featured some moves. And now FOX is joining the fray. FOX has released its fall 2017 television schedule, which features shows on the move either to new days orRead More →

We previously reported that Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals, would be joining the X-Men series, which is currently titled as Gifted, but a report from Entertainment Weekly has revealed that to be false. Lauren Shuler Donner, executive producer, tweeted an image of the cast at theRead More →

EDIT: THIS WAS LATER REDACTED. READ THE UPDATE ARTICLE HERE.  The X-Men series which is directly connected to the movie universe (unlike Legion) has finally got an official name… Gifted. Gifted’s story-line revolves around a pair of parents who discover that their children are mutants and need to join otherRead More →

We have been waiting for the X-Men to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe for ages and now it seems as the mutant company over at Fox have finally joined the party with a new series that has given the put pilot commitment. Variety reported that the untitled series, which will beRead More →