Our love for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is never ending. Sadly lacking word of a renewal and with no anticipated new content on television, we at Fangirlish decided to do a series rewatch as though viewing each episode for the first time. Because when you love a series (and a ship in Max/Zoey,Read More →


Warning: This article will contain references to a character’s father’s suicide. Of all the shows on television today, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has quickly become the one I look forward to the most, bringing humor and heart week after week, in a time when people are desperately longing for both. ButRead More →

Something strange happened as I watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1×06 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Night Out.” I found myself not just vaguely enjoying it, but actually investing. Not just in Simon’s very relatable pain, but in Mo’s brand of friendship, in Zoey’s attempts to navigate a very uncomfortable situation, in Jessica’s anger,Read More →