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Emma Roberts Cast In Netflix’s Upcoming Romantic Comedy, “Holidate”

Emma Roberts Cast In Netflix’s Upcoming Romantic Comedy, “Holidate”

Sure, right now we really aren’t the biggest fans of Netflix – you know, due to the fact that they cancelled One Day At A Time, and all. But we do pay attention to all of the shows that they are casting and everything they green light for production.

But that doesn’t mean for a second that we aren’t still super pissed at them.

The streaming service has another movie in the works and hey – we know that they do know do know how to do a good romantic comedy.

Emma Roberts has been cast in the upcoming movie, Holidate. The premise is actually super cute, “Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson, two perpetual singles who hate the holidays since their continual lack of a significant other subjects them to the judgment of their family members or stuck with clingy, awkward dates. After they meet, however, they pledge to be each other’s plus-ones for each holiday celebration over the course of one year.”

The romantic comedy is the fifth pair up of McG’s Wonderland Productions and the streaming giant.

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No production or premiere dates have been set for the movie. We’ll be following though, because we’re interested.

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