Erin’s Late AF Reviews: ‘Younger’ 6×01 – Who Is The Daddy

One of the shows that we look forward to the most and can’t wait for every week is Younger. I think that the show keeps it’s viewers on the hook by having an always on social media presence that draws the viewer in and never lets them forget that Younger is back.

The sixth season of the show has premiered and there are so many things that we have on our minds. So many questions that were answered, but so many things that have just begun.

Look, if you follow anything I review – you know that this shit is always going to be really late. So welcome to Erin’s Late AF Reviews, Younger Edition.

Lets break down the season premiere and all of the things that we can’t stop talking about.


Personally, I find it hard to be objective with Younger, because I am Team Josh through and through. I don’t thin that age should be the defining thing as to why people stay together or why they go their seperate ways. Sure, as women get older, kids become the issue.

But Josh and Liza are so meant to be, in my opinion.

Charles and Liza are together and they both seem very happy. But I have to wonder how long that will last. Charles gave up everything for her. He gave up his business to be able to be with her. He gave up everything that he knew, everything that he loved – because his love for her was deeper and stronger than anything.

But is that enough?

Kelsey is now in charge and Millenial is the name of the game. BUT, everyone has questions. Everyone wants to know why Charles gave up everything.

Well Page Six of course has a scoop and they tease about Charles leaving because he was having an affair with a 28 year old. What 28 year old could that be?


Well, Diana thinks that 28 year old is Kelsey and accuses her of sleeping her way to the top. Umm… how wrong thou art Diana. Kelsey of course, is offended. I mean who wouldn’t be.

First – who you decide to sleep with is your own business. If you sleep your way to the top or sleep your way to no where, well that is no ones business but your own. Like no one has the right to say shit about it. But I can totally understand why Kelsey wouldn’t want people saying that shit about her.

So Liza chases after Diana and admits, in front of everyone, that it was her. She’s the person sleeping with Charles.

Now – that being said – Diana got pissed. I don’t think that Diana was pissed because Liza slept with Charles, I think she was pissed because of the repercussions. She lost the person that she counted on. She lost the idea of what was. And I relate to that. I think for Diana it was a matter of being the last person to know and that’s always where she stands.

Diana is afraid of change. But with change she thinks that she is going to be forced out. She thinks that she’s going to be pushed out. And so when Liza and Kelsey find out that she’s thinking of leaving, they go after her. And I find that to be inspiring and kind. Because they need her.

And Diana needs to know that she is needed.


Diana is at Marie’s Crisis (which apparently I need to go to, cause it looks like a shit ton of fun). She doesn’t want to see Kelsey and Liza, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to come looking for her.

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She wants to leave, but Liza has them start playing 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton.

God, I love that song. I can understand for a bit why it pulls them in and Diana turns right back around and starts singing. I think the gesture of making the effort that was important.

These three are boss ass bitches and they own it. Sure, they have to find the road to where they need to be and I can’t wait to see how they evolve.


Oh Josh. I love Josh. I know that Josh is a good man. I really think that he’s a little lost and that kills me, cause I am so invested in him, I want him to feel found.

I think that Josh actually being the father was a blow to the gut. But I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I think he’s gonna be the most amazing Dad. I am happy for him. I really want him to be happy and to be loved.

But I think that he belongs with Liza.


  • Charles and Zayn – something is up there and I don’t trust it. I feel like whatever they are hiding is going to cause a rift with either Liza and Charles or Zayn and Kelsey.
  • I don’t like Charles buying Liza a bed, I feel like it’s a little possessive.
  • The whole revival of the Charles/Liza/Josh love triangle is good for me. I am about it.


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