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One of the benefits of attending a conference with all your favorite writers is being able to meet these incredible people in person. Tack on the fact that the conference is the first ever North American Wattcon, the excitement moves into squee-worthy territory. These are people you’ve talked to for weeks, months, sometimes years, gushing over their stories, and forming friendships that feel like nothing in our ‘real’ lives. Now, meeting them in person, it feels like meeting celebrities as you try and hold in your excitement and appear normal and non-creepy. Or maybe this was just my experience….anyways…

The hardest part of attending a conference with all your favorite writers is trying to snag them all for interviews for Fangirlish. The task is almost impossible, since there were so many incredible people there that you just want to hug. Many have books out, or releases coming in the new year, and while you want to get all the details and dirt on their careers and experiences, you have limited time as the line queues up behind you clambering for their attention.

So, my solution to this problem? Ask all the writers I could find the same, rather difficult, question. I feel the need to point out that almost all of these awesome Wattpaders gave me a bit of a stink eye for my choice of question, along with the deer in the headlines expression when they realized they were being recorded for their answers. Being on the spot, having to come up with an answer is daunting, especially with the question I posed.

And no, Im not sorry, guys.

As promised, I nabbed some of the best and brightest from the event for an exclusive Fangirlish interview with this one question:

If you could have written any story but anyone else on Wattpad, what story do you wish you had written, by whom, and why?

Dun, dun, dunnnn….

And I give you….the answers!

@adam_and_jane – I mean, Im a huge fan of Ariana Godey (@cold_lady19) so maybe My Wattpad Love, that’s such an amazing book

@donomicrowave – That’s a good question…*long pause* Oh my god, its so hard. I think if there was one, it would be one of the first ones I read. It was Jordans (@XxSkater2Girl16xX) A Proscriptive Relationship. That was one that really got me interested in reading more

@knightsrachel – Im thinking of all the stories Ive read recently…okay, I will go with Bad Boy Bakers by ES Purvis (@tahliepurvis). #passthefuckingflour If I had come up with it that would be my jam.

@cold_lady19 – I think it would be Bye Bye Virginity. That is by Krissy Snifeld (@just-krissy) I really, really like that story, I wish I could have come up with the idea of something like that. The whole story line I liked it.

@XxSkater2Girl16xX – Can I choose two? I think I would have really liked to write Death is my BFF by Katerina Tonks (@katrocks247). And also I would have liked to write the Summoner series by Taran Matharu (@TaranMatharu). My genre is teen fiction, but I love everything else a lot.

@TaranMatharu – That is a tough question. So I have a friend on Wattpad called Vic James who just got a book deal for Gilded Cage. I wish I could have written something like that, because its right up my street. Dystopian but old school magic.

@TEJJohnson – That is so easy. Actually the story I would love to have written is by the lady who is standing with me, is the lovely Victoria James. Its was called Slave Days on Wattpad, and now it is called Gilded Cage. And I’ll tell you what, when that story was coming out on Wattpad it was amazing, we called it Slave Days Friday. We would wait, and I would be at work, working away or in a meeting with a client and my phone would go off and I would see that Slave Days updated and I would be like ‘Well, maybe we wont move forward with this thing, anyways I have to go’, and I would like immediately run out, lock myself in publish washrooms and read this book. I was like oh my god this is so awesome. I literally left a meeting, locked myself in the loo, and read it. I really loved it, and it is such a magical book. It is so dark, and horrible, and you root for the characters so much. What is exciting is the enemies seem so insurmountable and you have these kids who have no power and seem like they have no chance, and you’re wondering how the bloody hell are they going to get ready to fight these Equals. It’s a good book.

@jayvictor – So the story that made me think ‘this Wattapd is awesome’ and there are incredible people on here is a book called the Loyalty Tests by Kuronoshio because I lived in Japan for six years, and I absolutely adored it. It was hugely inspiring. This book is part of a series he has written called Dark Japan. It gets very, very, very dark. I love the films of Takeshi Kitinao who wrote Battle Royale. That is one of my favorite films of all time. And the Loyalty Tests channels all that but with this kind of really psychological depth. It is set in this kind of dystopia near future Japan. Except what he manages to do with it is kill loads and loads of people. In this world there is this punitive system where people who are not compliant members of the state have to participate in the loyalty tests to prove their loyalty, mostly by killing people and staying alive. And he has this fantastic heroine, a school age Japanese girl, and she is just the most amazing character, she is both kind of fragile and incredibly strong. She wants to survive but isn’t prepared to compromise her morals to do that. And the guy she hangs out with is Jun, and I have a crush on Jun, and then you have a crush on a male character it is so much better. He walks around with an umbrella and he has a machete under his coat. And when I read about this I thought I love this book. It is amazing, and I just cant believe it hasn’t been published yet. I would love it to be so.

@KellyAnneBlount – If I could have written any other story on Wattpad it would have been The Cellar by Natasha Preston (@natashapreston). She is amazing, and a New York Times bestseller, lets be honest. Amazing book, amazing author.

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@fallzswimmer – if I could have written any story by any author on Wattpad, it would be the Casket Girls by Elise Arden

@krazydiamond – I wish I wrote Glitz Gurls on Deck by (@tamoja). I am such a dirty cheat, I know lol

@tamoja – My mind is going through my entire library, Im panicking. Its really hard. Im going to pick Monica (@distantdreamer) Finvarra’s Circus

@distantdreamer – If I could have written any story it would be the Enchantment of Emma Fletcher (coming soon in publication) by Leah (@LDCrichton)

@LDCrichton – Im going to pay it forward and if I could have written any other book it would have been Stiletto Sisterhood by Fallon (@fallondemornay). Because it is awesome!

@RebeccaSky – If I could have written any story by any writer on Wattpad I could pick Finvarras Circus by Monica (@distantdreamer). Im going to stick with that one.

@elatimer – Oh my gosh…that’s a big one. If I could have written anything…I love the idea of The Cell Phone Swap by @donotmicrowave, plus it is ridiculously popular, so it would probably have to be that one. But I also love @ironkite did Touch of Poison so that is my other pick.

I cant thank all these incredible Wattpaders enough for taking the time and answering this difficult question! Rest assured I will have another zinger for you at the next Wattcon, so be prepared! *evil laugh*

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