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‘Glamourous’ Pilot Adds To The Cast

‘Glamourous’ Pilot Adds To The Cast

I think one of the best times of the year is when casting starts for upcoming shows. You wonder not only what the show will be about, but you also question if it’s worth watching. Then bam, they cast an actress or an actor that you love and you’ve been brought in.

That’s what is happening with us and Glamorous.

The show is about a gender-nonconforming recent high school graduate who lands the gig of a lifetime interning at a cosmetics company whose products he panned on YouTube.

Peyton List and Susan Santiago are set as series regulars opposite Brooke Shields and Ben J. Pierce in the drama pilot from The CW.

Peyton will play an over the top YouTube star named AlyssaSays who also gets a job at the same cosmetics company.

Santiago will play a lawyer Mom, who has always held her son to the highest of standards. But she’s always raised him in a loving and supportive environment. He’s left home and like any Mom, she still wants to keep her child on the straight and narrow. She wants him to still be filled with the ambition that he has always had. And hey, she’s a Mom, so she knows what is best for him.

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We’re looking forward to seeing if Glamorous gets picked up. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

What pilot are you looking forward to the most?

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