Letters From Fangirlish: 2015, The Year of the Fangirl Conversation

Dear Fangirls of the World,

So 2014 is coming to an end. You know that you’re excited and at the same point – somewhat petrified. Because how do you move forward when you aren’t ready to say goodbye to the past? I am pretty unsure of that myself.

2014 has been a good year for us. We’ve traveled, been to some amazing concerts and award shows, hung with celebrities that we never thought we would, laughed at things that we never thought we would laugh at.

Life has been kind of weird that way.

But you know how you set a list of goals for yourself and you only hope that you can achieve a sliver of what they are? And then when you look back, you’re like – WOAH I MISSED THE MARK ON THAT ONE.

But the reality is that though you thought that mattered so much, it didn’t. It wasn’t a make or break moment. It wasn’t the thing that was going to define you and it wasn’t the thing that was going to let you go.

We’re not setting goals, per say, for 2015. We’ve decided to live in the moment. Because what we realized is we’re missing out on so much, by trying to be something that we may not necessarily be.

But who we are- well, who knows. Cause we’ve still got so much life to live, so many experiences to make.

And so much to grow.

We cover fandoms, yes. But in 2015, we’ll be covering other things. We’ll talk fashion and beauty, we’ll write articles about growing up, falling in love, and falling apart. We’re probably going to obsess too much over One Direction, Taylor Swift, and 5SOS. We probably won’t obsess enough over certain things- but you can always email us – and we’ll try and find a way to.

We’ll be talking our favorite songs and i’ll probably be writing one too many articles with treatments telling One Direction how to stop fucking up their videos.

We’ll be talking a lot of After, cause that’s how we do.

We’ll talk a lot about The DUFF, Hunger Games, Insurgent, and The CW. We’ll forget certain things, and rejoice in others. We’ll talk more books and sometimes what we have to say may not be what people want to hear. But we’re going to be honest.

Stephen Amell will still invade our dreams. But we’ll explore more of the other actors out there on primetime.

I can’t guarantee you that we’ll post every hour as we have been. We’ll post as the news a rises, or as we have things to say. We’ll still be posting a lot. We’ll talk with you about things that matter and somethings that you will probably question us on. But, we’ll live for the moment.

We’ll be obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey – and you’ll hear a lot about that for awhile. We’ll make innuendo’s that aren’t exactly the most appropriate, but we think you’ll laugh.

We’ll be reading Wattpad feverishly – because it’s so damn good. We’ll be talking with you guys on twitter and on our Facebook page.

Some fandoms have a shit ton of news, so we’ll be wrapping those up into nice and tight lists for you – so that you don’t have to read 50 articles to get the news.

I can’t guarantee you what tomorrow will bring, but I can tell you this – we keep growing, changing, and talking. Because 2015 is the year of the conversation for us. And we’re hoping that you’ll want to be a part of that conversation.

Just know – we’re listening.

Bring on 2015,




Head Bitch In Charge

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