Letters From Fangirlish: October, The Season of Change

Dear Fangirlish Readers,

We’re always trying to reinvent ourselves – because our passions keep changing. But starting this month, I will be writing you a monthly letter to keep you apprised of what exactly is going on and as always will be welcoming your feedback.

Lets get started on the idea of change.

Fan Fiction.

Do you want to know my first thought about it? When I was first introduced to it back in the days of Twilight, I hated the idea. I thought that people were ripping off universes, they were tarnishing characters, and quite frankly, they were untalented hacks.

I was wrong.

Ever since I posted a review of After, I have been getting bombarded by some pretty hateful tweets and emails from people who oppose Anna Todd, because she wrote fan fiction. They oppose the fact that she’s making money off of One Direction. They are upset that she didn’t tell the world she was married when she started writing.

Here’s my question – what does any of it matter? How many people are actually truthful online? The reality is – not a lot of us are. Hiding behind a computer has become an easy way of life.  I mean if you are so anti-fanfic, and you are taking the time to create a twitter account about it and bash someone repeatedly, why are you not showing your face? What are you hiding?

The reality is that fan fiction writers are making a name for themselves. Most notably is E.L. James, the author behind 50 Shades of Grey. The book has taken a life of it’s own, the movie hits theaters next February, and she deserves her success. Is her story amazing? No. But, she worked hard on it. And you can’t discount that lady busted her ass to make sure that things happened for her. Did her work start out with the names Edward and Bella? Yes. But, are there werewolves and vampires? No. There’s a story hidden within a lot of sex scenes.

I can’t say that I don’t read fan fiction now. I do. Because of Anna’s book – I have the wattpad app on my phone and frequently read whenever I can. There is so much untapped talent out there, and I love the fact that all these writers are taking the time to express themselves the best that they can be.

So what is wrong with that?

Nothing as far as I can tell.

But do I understand the other side – the one that gets angry because someone is writing about the fandom that they love and cherish? Yes. I too am protective over the things I love. But hey – if Harry Styles isn’t coming out and saying he minds someone writing about him, then I don’t care. It’s not my life, it’s his. And in the meantime, I will just read some great story telling.

And that leads me to the next thing – once a month, we’ll be starting a new column – What to read of Wattpad. It’ll be what we think is good, the authors that we are loving, and yes, they may or may not be fan fiction. Some will, some won’t.

And with that, comes the return of Fall TV. Thank the heavens above for that. I don’t know about you, but I am anxious to see what happens on quite a few shows. Some we’ll be recapping for you, some we won’t. We’re a small staff. But if there is a show that you want recapped, and you want to do it – that can be arranged too.

I feel like fall brings in a new time – and with that there is an opportunity for change. You may not see us posting the normal 40 articles that we were posting, but we will be posting more original content. If there is a lot of news on one celebrity, we may save that up and round it all up for you. We’ll be giving you our opinions, our thoughts, and quite frankly – they may be nice and they may not be. But we’ll always try to be respectful.

Which brings me to another feature – Fangirl Etiquette. This will be bi-weekly, and the first edition came out yesterday. If you have your fandom lesson that we should be talking about, please let us know. We’ll cover it if we can.

Rather than spread everything out over the week, we’re collecting all the previews, clips, synopses, and photos for your favorite CW shows, and we’ll post those the morning of that shows airing so that you can be prepared. If it’s important news that can’t wait, of course we will post it and not wait on it.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation on what we are doing, and how we are changing. An entire fandom got pissed off at us for some changes, but those were necessary for our growth. And as with anything, change is hard. I have had a website drag me through the mud, and if that’s what they see fit to do, that’s fine.

But we’ll always be here as long as there are fandoms to love. We won’t be posting on weekends anymore, unless it’s breaking news. We’ll post one big round up of what we have covered here on Fangirlish to make it easier on you to read. Sure, not posting daily is scary for numbers, but not much breaks on weekends. So we’d rather just make it easier on you to catch up and then go and spend time with your loved ones.

As always, if you have any questions, I am here. You can email me at erin@fangirlish.com, and I will do my best to respond to every email.

Change is a scary thing, but I hope you work with us through it. And as always, we’ll be listening.


Happy Fall,




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