Louis Tomlinson is About to Kill Our Minds

After a long period of radio silence (no pun intended) it seems that the time of Tomlinson is finally upon us.

Titled Kill My Mind, Tomlinson has been hinting on Twitter over recent days vamping up fans for what is coming. With previous hits such as ‘Two of Us’ and ‘Just Hold On’, we are very much ready for his latest hit. While Louis seems to take a fair bit of time between singles, we always seem to benefit for the wait. His last single, Two of Us, was released all the way back in April!


And this song seems to be one that he is quite proud of, even releasing an inspirational track list that included The Killers, Oasis, and the Rolling Stones.

The song is co-written with Jamie Hartman, who also played as producer on the track. With an energetic, driven beat, the song will no doubt follow its predecessors and find its way on the charts in no time at all.

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Kill My Mind will be released September 5, 2019.


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