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Why ‘WandaVision’ Wants You to Love Vision

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ 3×13 Review: “That Hope is You, Part 2”

After watching “That Hope is You, Part 2,” the finale of season three of Star Trek: Discovery, I knew I had to go back and check out my review of the season opener, “That Hope is You, Part 1.” One…

Chrishell Stause Didn’t Need To Insert Herself Into This Narrative

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing and I feel like Chrishell Stause should have said nothing at all.

The Release Date, Trailer And Key Art For ‘The Flight Attendant’ Released

The key art has been released for #TheFlightAttendant and we’re surprised with how quickly it’s coming to HBO Max.

Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet Get Matching Paper Airplane Tattoos

I mean I have gotten matching tattoos with friends and I think it’s adorable. These 2 got the cutest daintiest one!

Kaley Cuoco Wraps ‘The Flight Attendant’ In New York City

When a show wraps that means we are one step closer to seeing it on the screen. #KaleyCuoco just wrapped #TheFlightAttendant and we’re excited.

Lovecraft Country 1×07 Review: I Am Hippolyta

Just a warning that this Lovecraft Country review may toggle between praise for an epic episode, and the mourning for my own dreams that I thought I had put behind me. This was such a powerful portrait of the power…

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‘Enola Holmes’ Review: “Badass Since Always”

It’s here! Enola Holmes has just been released, and hopefully everyone has been able to enjoy it.  As we discussed in our advanced review, we loved it! It has it all: mystery, action, intrigue, a badass lead, complex characters, and life lessons that make you…

‘WandaVision’ Trailer Reaction: First Impressions of a New Reality

Marvel fans, myself included, have been impatiently waiting for any kind of content we can get our hands on, and Marvel finally repaid us for our dedication. A trailer for the much-anticipated WandaVision aired last night during the 2020 Emmys.…

‘Stargirl’ 1×12 Review: “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One”

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 12, “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One,” is the calm before the storm, oddly enough. The penultimate episode of the season, while stress-inducing, gives each team an opportunity to regroup before next week’s showdown. “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E.…

‘Stargirl’ 1×10 Review: “Brainwave Jr.”

Stargirl Season 1X10, “Brainwave Jr.” is the show’s best episode yet. It doesn’t hold back the punches, both emotional and physical. It shakes up dynamics and serves as a beautifully tragic redemption for Henry Jr. It’s hard to believe there…

Every Time We Think JK Rowling Can’t Sink Any Lower, She Finds A Way

We’ve written about JKR’s descent into unrepentant TERF before here a Fangirlish. Hell, she wrote a full-on serial killer like manifesto a few weeks ago, so maybe we got complacent and thought, yes, she is awful, but we can just…

Renewal Checklist: Cancelled, Renewed or Still in the Bubble?

With TV upfronts taking a very different look this year and networks holding off on making all the decisions, it’s become harder to keep track of which shows are coming back, which shows have been cancelled and what’s still awaiting…