New ‘Star Trek’ Release Dates for 2022

rek fans have much to look forward to in 2022! We’ve just gotten release dates and renewal information for Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ 1×05 Review: “Terror Firma”

We’ve been using those “Hold Onto Your Butts” grab handles all week, eagerly anticipating the resolution of last week’s cliffhanger on Star Trek: Prodigy.

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Roundtable Interview: Kate Mulgrew

We’ve got a short break between Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy, but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking off. I was fortunate enough to join a group of journalists in a roundtable discussion with the cast and showrunners of Star Trek: Prodigy recently.

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ 2×10 Review: “First First Contact”

We’ve been boldly going all season with Lower Decks this year! Episode 2×10, “First First Contact” really sets the bar high for next season. Here are some of the things I enjoyed the most in “First First Contact” and a few of my expectations for season three. 

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ 2×06 Review: “The Spy Humongous”

While the crew of the Cerritos keeps getting handed the jobs no one wants, from both the lower decks staff to the bridge crew, they just keep on persevering.

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ 2×04 Review: “Mugato, Gumato”

“Mugato, Gumato” shows us the power of math, persistence, and friendship. Check out our review of 2×04 of Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Star Trek News: Matt Shakman, Lindsey Beer & Geneva Robertson-Dworet Have the Conn

The next film in the Star Trek franchise just got some fresh (green) blood. Matt Shakman, Lindsey Beer, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet are helming the next film in the Star Trek film series. WandaVision director Matt Shakman is directing the next…

New Star Trek is Coming Down the Pike!

We all know that 2020 was a dumpster fire, but for Star Trek fans, one thing that made the year of hell more palatable was getting new Star Trek nearly every single week of the year. 32 out of 52…

Patrick Stewart Is Returning To The ‘Star Trek’ Family

Sure, we don’t cover Star Trek and we’re okay with that. It’s not that we don’t love the shows (we do), it’s just there are only so many things that one can accomplish in a day. BUT – that being…

Nichelle Nichols: The Dreamer and the Dream

Though we grieve the loss of Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, we take inspiration from her life and work. Learn more about her with us.

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: 10 Men Who Kicked Ass in 2021

We’ve got a lot of good guys to celebrate this year. Here are ten of our favorite men that kicked ass in 2021. 

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Our Favorite Female Friendships

If you have read any of my TV or movie reviews here on the site, you know that positive female friendship is one of my favorite things in any story. 2021 had many awesome female friendship moments. Here are ten of our staff’s favorites from 2021.

‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Casting Announcement

The Witcher: Blood Origin has another casting announcement for us! Michelle Yeoh was cast for the role of Scían. The Witcher: Blood Origin is expected to be a six-part, live-action limited series that is a prequel to The Witcher. According…

Top Ships of the Year 2020

We’re counting down the best ships of the year 2020, and there might be some surprises here, but we think we played it straight.

10 Male Characters Who Kicked Ass in 2020

2020 hasn’t been the best year, and it’s impacted just about everything. Including our favorite movies and television shows. If you’re looking for the bright spots of the year, we at Fangirlish have you covered with our end-of-year lists. It’s…

10 TV Shows That Have Gotten Us Through Quarantine

We’ve watched more TV this year than ever, because #Quarantine. What shows have gotten us through quarantine? Read them here.

‘The Mandalorian’ 2×01 Review: “The Marshal”

It’s been a long year since the initial release of The Mandalorian. There have been few things that have given me a greater sense of normalcy this year than knowing that The Mandalorian season 2 wrapped prior to the country…

Here are the GLAAD Media Awards Winners

The GLAAD Media Awards are one of my favorite awards, mostly because I see them and I get reminded that, as far as we still have to go (and it’s far, don’t let this make you complacent), we’re now at…

Here’s What You Can’t Miss on Thursday at Comic-Com @Home

Thursday’s the first day of this experiment called Comic-Con @Home, and even though this event is taking place online, it’s still very hard to keep track of everything going on. As per the norm. So, we’ve curated the list for…

See all the movie and TV panels coming to ‘Comic-Con @ Home’

Here’s a look at all the movie and TV panels coming to ‘Comic-Con @ Home.’

What to Expect from ‘Comic-Con @ Home’

Comic-Con @Home is coming, and though it’s not what we wanted, we’ll take some information and some interactions between our favorite celebs. We’ve been very, very bored. As someone who has attended SDCC for the last four years, this will…