Fangirlish Feels of the Week: June 17 – June 23

We watch a lot of TV, so we decided to come together to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows give us.

Four Reasons You Need To Watch ‘Based On A True Story’

There are a lot of reasons we loved #BasedOnATrue story, but here’s the reasons why we think you should watch it (and an exclusive interview)

The ‘Twisted Metal’ First Look Images & Sneak Peek Clip Are Here…But Can We Just Have The Show Already?

We’ve been interested in Peacock’s Twisted Metal since we started hearing casting news. The first look doesn’t disappoint.

Lashana Lynch Joins ‘Day of the Jackal’ and We’re In!

Lashana Lynch has a new project and we’re celebrating! Day of the Jackal will be the movie in which we will see her again. See the details!

‘Based on a True Story’ Official Trailer Feels a Little Too Real

Based on a True Story just dropped its official trailer and honestly…it’s a little too real. We discuss the upcoming Peacock show.

Miley Cyrus Releases Video For ‘Jaded’

To be honest, we’re loving Miley Cyrus’s new album, Endless Summer Vacation. It’s like a roller coaster of emotions of empowerment and we’re 100% that feeling. Her latest release, Jaded, follows along with that feeling of an empowered song. Miley…

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 3×18 Review: “TAG:GEN”

Law & Order: Organized Crime 3×18 “TAG:GEN” is, to borrow Danielle Moné Truitt’s words for it, “a really good episode for Bell.” And overall.

Becky G Is Making A Return To Acting With ‘Queen Of Flow’

Becky G has been going through a lot lately, but that doesn’t stop her from following her dreams. The singer is making a return to acting and we’re glad that she is. We’ve missed her on our screens. Peacock is…

‘Mrs. Davis’ Official Trailer Just Makes Us Want More ‘Warrior Nun’

Peacock’s Mrs. Davis looks ok in its official trailer. Cool, I guess. Honestly just makes us miss Warrior Nun even more.

Fangirlish Feels of the Week: February 18 – February 24

We watch a lot of TV, so we decided to come together to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows give us.

Things to Do During the ‘Star Trek’ Hiatus: Shows That Aren’t ‘Star Trek’

Need something to watch while you wait for Star Trek to return? Check out these 5 shows we recommend watching during the Star Trek hiatus.

Fangirlish Feels of the Week: January 28 – February 3

We watch a lot of TV, so we decided to come together to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows give us.

The Traitors Review: Yes, It’s Reality – But There’s a Twist (Or Two)

Peacock’s The Traitors isn’t reinventing the wheel, but it is entertaining, it will surprise you a time or two — and it’s a real easy watch.

Jennifer Coolidge Joins TikTok

Jennifer Coolidge launches her TikTok very epically, as one does when you’re Jennifer Coolidge and you’re epic.

Will Someone #SaveVampireAcademy?

Peacock has cancelled Vampire Academy, which only means the #SaveVampireAcademy campaign is alive and well. Here’s how to help.

‘Bumper In Berlin’ Renewed For A Second Season

More #BumperInBerlin is coming and we’re not mad about it at all. We’re actually really excited about it.

‘Sick’ Official Trailer Begs the Question: Do We Need COVID-19 Horror Movies?

Peacock’s official trailer for ‘Sick’ just dropped and we’re not sure whether we’re ready or not for a Covid-19 horror movie.

Ava Phillippe Spends New Years Eve In The Emergency Room

Ava Phillippe had to spend NYE in the emergency room after hurting her ankle.

Fangirlish 2022 End Of The Year Lists: Top Five Fandoms Of The Year

We’re kissing 2022 goodbye with our top 5 fandoms (and some honorable mentions) of the year. See our list.

Fangirlish 2022 End of Year Lists: Ships We Want to See Set Sail in 2023

The excitement of a new TV season comes with the hope that our favorite ships will actually set sail in 2023.

Fangirlish 2022 End of Year Lists: Men Who Kicked Ass

The industry has no shortage of male characters, and no best of 2022 list would be complete without a collection of men who kicked ass.