‘Good Sam’ 1×13 Review: “To Whom It May Concern”

Well, folks, we’ve made it to the season one finale of Good Sam. And I say season rather than series because I really hope that tonight’s episode isn’t the last we’ll see of Sam, Griff, and the rest of the…

Book Review: ‘Good Girl Complex’ By Elle Kennedy

as much as we wanted to love #GoodGirlComplex, it felt as if tropes were thrown at the page to see what would stick.

‘Good Sam’ 1×12 Review: “The Griffith Technique”

It’s the penultimate episode of Good Sam and it did a great job setting the stage for the season one finale.

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Truth was the theme of Good Sam 1×11 “Family/Business.” We discuss that and more in our review of episode eleven.

‘Killing Eve’ 4×06 Review: “Oh Goodie, I’m the Winner”

Killing Eve‘s 4×06 “Oh Goodie, I’m the Winner” was satisfying for many reasons, mainly Villanelle telling Eve “I’m done with you.”

‘Good Sam’ 1×09 Review: “A Light in the Storm”

A snowstorm is causing a whole lot of problems for Lakeshore Hospital. We discuss in our review of Good Sam 1×09 “A Light in the Storm.”

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‘Ragdoll’ Episode 4 Review: Too Clever For Their Own Good

On the fourth episode of Ragdoll, Baxter and Rose try to outsmart the killer. It goes about as well as one would expect, considering there are still several episodes left to the season. Edmonds gets a little more fleshed out,…

‘Big Sky’ 2×12 Review: “A Good Boy”

This week’s episode of Big Sky was much better than 2×11 “Do No Harm.” There was a lot of action, a few edge of the seat moments, and a whole lot of shooting. They even managed to get a redemption…

‘Good Sam’ 1×07 Review: “Chronic Insult”

I said this before, but I feel like we’ve come across a turning point in Good Sam. While the first five episodes really were about the battle between Sam and Griff, now we’re focusing on their relationship.  While their relationship…

‘Good Sam’ 1×06 Review: “Truce”

Good Sam is back after a two-week hiatus! We discuss all the good and the bad of “Truce,“ and what it means for the rest of the season.

‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Advance Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Has Killing Eve lost its way in season 4 of the hit series? Or are Eve and Villanelle finally finding their way to each other?

‘How I Met Your Father’ 1×04: “The Good Mom”

Sometimes the hardest thing for us to see is that our parents for who they are. It’s a hard lesson for Sophie

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In episode five of Good Sam, we learn that things are not just black and white. In fact things are a lot more complicated. We discuss!

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The war between Sam and Griff is heating up in Good Sam 1×02 “Natural Order.” We discuss who we think should win and more!

‘Chicago Med’ 7×10 Review: “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished… In Chicago”

Chicago Med 7×10 “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished … In Chicago” is about the fallout from last episode. Also about Will and Stevie.

‘Good Sam’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

When it comes to finding and binging a new television series, there are plenty of options. And with Netflix providing the ability to watch an entire season in one go, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to watch…

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Legacies 4×07, “Someplace Far Away From All This Violence,” attempts to take us into Lizzie’s mind but succeeds more with Hope. Read our review!

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For ‘Good Sam’

We couldn’t be more excited about the new CBS series, Good Sam. Starring Sophia Bush, here are four reasons why.