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Episode three of ‘Golden’ focuses on the National Team Camp, the past and the present, and one gymnast’s road to using her voice for change.

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2.0 of everything usually sucks, but with #GossipGirl it said – we need to honor the first, but we’re our own thing and we’re standing on our own two feet.

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Grief is so hard and it’s something that never fades. Riley Keough’s emotional tribute to her brother had us 😭

‘The Bold Type’ Is Over And It Will Always Remain A Part Of Me

The Bold Type has ended and I am not ever going to be over it. Sometimes things need to end though, so we can grow and the characters growth can be seen.

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The first episode of Golden: The Journey of the USA’s Elite Gymnasts is candid, interesting, and allows the athletes to speak for themselves.

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Somewhere along the way I started to ship Heather and Ray, because I feel like he’s the only person honest with her.

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