‘The Sandman’ 1×01 Review: “Sleep of the Just”

When it comes to our favorite television shows, it’s often the endings that we remember the most clearly. Because they were that good, that satisfying, or, frankly, that disappointing. Whether it’s because we get the payoff of a long-awaited wedding…

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Give us all the tropey goodness and all the Italian scenery. We need and want it now. See the trailer for #LoveInTheVilla

Sofia Carson Talks About Writing The Music For ‘Purple Hearts’

Part of the joy of #PurpleHearts is the music. Star Sofia Carson talked about writing songs for the movie & how lucky she was for her co-writer Justin Tranter

‘Lost Ollie’ Is Frankly Adorable – And The Trailer Proves It

Lost Ollie is looking to give Baby Groot and BB-8 a run for their money on adorableness, and we will surely be watching.

‘Purple Hearts’ Interview: Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

We sat down and spoke with Purple Hearts director, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, about the music and the importance of telling this story.

Book Review: ‘Always Be My Duchess’ By Amalie Howard

Regency Romance fans, rejoice! Amalie Howard’s latest, Always Be My Duchess, gives readers lots of historical and romance goodness.

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We discuss what we can expect from Virgin River in season 5, based on what the 21 bestselling books by Robyn Carr tell us.

‘Uncoupled’ Review: ”In The Good, The Bad, and The Best Times”

Uncoupled is now available on Netflix and it’s a LGBTQ+ story of healing with friends who support you no matter what. We review!

‘Purple Hearts’ Review: Bless the Tropes

Netflix’s new movie ‘Purple Hearts’ sends all the fake relationship feels your way…and our romantic hearts are not complaining!

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We didn’t know we needed a new law show to obsess over, but like always, Netflix tells us what we need and we accept it. We love them for it.

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We’re not talking about Netflix’s #WeddingSeason right here… there’s also a Hulu TV show of the same name. #TheMoreYouKnow

‘Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio’ Trailer Promises A New Take

See the trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, and see what sets it apart from the *other* Pinocchio, HERE.

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We really need #Blonde like yesterday. The trailer, key art, and more pics were released and it looks f**kin amazing

The ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

The Trailer for Never Have I Ever Season 3 is here, and it promises more drama and the same amount of heart as before.

‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season 2 Is Close and Rivusa is Ready!

Save the date! September 16, 2022, is the day Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 arrives on Netflix with new faces and many surprises.

Pedro Pascal and David Harbour On A Show Together? Where Do We Sign?

Pedro Pascal and David Harbour together on a show? Where do we sign? Because we don’t care what it’s about, we’re watching.

See The Trailer And Key Art For ‘Me Time’

A buddy comedy? We love them. We also love Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart so we’ll definitely be watching!

‘The Gray Man’ is Getting a Sequel and Spin-Off at Netflix

More of The Gray Man is coming our way now that Netflix has announced a sequel and a spin-off. Read more details here.

Annette O’Toole Talks Coming Back for ‘Virgin River’ Season 4 & Hope’s Journey

Virgin River’s Annette O’Toole talks Hope’s Season 4 return to the show, and the journey of her character in the new season.

‘The Gray Man’ Exclusive Interview: Julia Butters

#TheGrayMan is more than just a #ChrisEvans & #RyanGosling movie. One can argue that #JuliaButters is the heart of the film. See our interview.

‘The Sandman’ Releases Official Trailer – And More!

The Sandman is just a few weeks away, and after the trailer, we’re as excited as Neil Gaiman seems about the adaptation.