‘Riverdale’ SDCC Interview: Lili Reinhart Talks Bughead

Lili Reinhart threw shippers a bone. Well, she did that, and then, of course, she threw a conditional there, because she still has a show to promote, and it seems like absolutely everyone is convinced happiness doesn’t sell and we…

‘Riverdale’: The ABC’s of Bughead

Betty and Jughead, better known as Bughead on The CW’s Riverdale, are a couple like no other. At first glance it seems like this ship is full of tropes. The boy from the bad side of town falls of with…

‘Outer Banks’ 2×08 Review: “The Cross”

The Pogues go on a mission after the discovery of the island room to find the Cross of Santo Domingo in Outer Banks “The Cross.”

Keep Calm, Trope On: Musical Episodes

Tropes. Love them or hate them there is a lot of them and we’re talking Musical Episodes. How do you feel about them?

‘Riverdale’ SDCC Interview: Madelaine Petsch Talks Cheryl’s Mental Health

Madelaine Petsch didn’t shy away from the words mental health when we got a chance to sit down with her during San Diego Comic Con and talk what’s coming up for Riverdale. And she didn’t shy away from talking about…

The ABCS Of Understanding and Reaching Fandom

Fandom is a complicated beast, but we love it. Want to understand how to reach fandom? We break it down for you.

‘Riverdale’ Star KJ Apa Talks Shipping Wars

Shipping wars. Lord, they are a bitch. People are vicious over who they want together. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can accept that. One of the most vicious fandom shipping wars goes on in the Riverdale fandom. Who does…

‘Arrow’: The ABC’s of Original Team Arrow

Looking back at Arrow’s first season, it was a show I enjoyed but always felt there was something missing. Something that made me care. Something that made me care if I missed an episode. Something that made me care if…

The ABC’s of Ships: Malec Edition

We’ve long been fans of Cassie Clare’s books. Her books have changed our lives. One of our favorite ships is Malec. A complicated couple with so much love to give and we can’t get enough of them. So this weeks…

ABC’s of Ships: Nathan and Haley of ‘One Tree Hill’

Nathan and Haley – their love wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. And they will forever be one of our favorites.