Joey King & Presley Cash Post Behind The Scenes Videos & Pics From Taylor Swift’s Concert

Joey King posts some behind the scenes pics of her time at Taylor Swift’s concert. We’re loving all the pics and videos.

Joey King Shares A Video Of Life With Here Fiance, Steven Piet

Love is so lovely. Love Joey King showing off just how much she loves her fiance. See the cute AF Tik Tok video she made.

See The Latest Still Of Joey King In ‘The Princess’

We just can’t see Joey King as a mid-evil princess, regardless of these pics.

Joey King Is Engaged To Steven Piet

Excited for Joey King & Steven Piet! Congratulations to both of them on their engagement!

Joey King Talks About The Ending Of ‘The Kissing Booth 3’

We have some very strong feelings about #TheKissingBooth3’s ending and well… we don’t agree with Joey King that the send off was right.

Joey King And Joel Courtney Film Their Reaction To ‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Trailer

It’s the end of the era, but we’re not ready for it. However, seeing #JoeyKing and #JoelCourtney smile & laugh puts us at ease. It is time.

Joey King Talks About ‘The Kissing Booth 3’

Joey King talks about #KissingBooth3 and we’re excited to see what happens.

Joey King’s New Movie Will Premiere on Amazon Prime

Joey King’s movie is going straight to Amazon Prime and hey, in todays day and age that is a good thing.

Taylor Zakhar Perez Talks About If He Is Dating Joey King

Taylor Zakhar Perez talks about the speculation that he’s dating Joey King and we’re living for it.

Did Joey King Wear A Wig In ‘The Kissing Booth 2’?

Elle definitely was giving us some bad wig energy in The Kissing Booth 2.

Joey King Talks About The Possibility Of A Sequel To ‘The Kissing Booth’

Anyone else watched The Kissing Booth and absolutely loved it? We did. It was such a fun movie and reminded us why we love rom-coms. But even with that empowering ending, we have to wonder what the future holds for…

Top 10 Pacey and Joey Moments On ‘Dawson’s Creek’

It’s been 25 years since Dawson’s Creek premiered. Yep, 25 years since one of television’s most successful teen dramas entered the public consciousness. The story of Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) and his friends Joey Potter (Katie Holmes), Pacey…

See The First Still From Vanessa Hudgens Movie, ‘Asking for It’

Vanessa Hudgens upcoming movie, #AskingForIt released its first still. See it here!

I Will Go Down With This Ship: Joey/Pacey Edition

One of my first ships remains one of my favorite ships. There was so much to love about Joey and Pacey, from their organic romance to their undeniable chemistry to the witty banter that made them look like an old married couple.

Joey & Pacey Were Meant To Be

Pacey Witter and Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek has been one of my OTPs for a long while. In fact, this year marks the twentieth anniversary of when they actually first got together! There was no denying the chemistry between…

Yes, I’ll Be Making the Switch to HBO Max Just for ‘Friends’

So no one told me life was going to be this way… Where Friends wouldn’t be available for my needed binge on Netflix. As streaming services like Netflix and Hulu grow to be more popular, everyone wants in. And that includes Warner…

Taylor Swift Releases Music Video For ‘I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)’

Taylor Swift doesn’t ask you what you need… she just knows. And we definitely needed the video for I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)!

Logan Lerman Lands Lead Role In ‘We Were The Lucky Ones’

Logan Lerman has joined the cast of #WeWereTheLuckyOnes.

See The Character Posters For ‘Bullet Train’

We can appreciate art and these character posters for #BulletTrain definitely feel like art. See them here!

The Trailer for Hulu’s ‘The Princess’ Is Here

Hulu’s The Princess is no fairy tale. But that’s okay, sometimes we want to see the princess kick ass and take names too.

See The New Poster For ‘Bullet Train’

We’re meh about Brad Pitt, but we do love this ensemble cast. See the newest poster for #BulletTrain.