A ‘Manifest’ Alum Joins The Cast of ‘The Flight Attendant’

I love a character that can cut you with their words and still maintain a smile.

Thankful For The Internets Feelings About ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’

We’re not hating on the game – make movie that capitalize on the fact that most are in need of some sexual healing. We get it.

‘Hawkeye’ 1×01 Review: “Never Meet Your Heroes”

Hawkeye 1×01, “Never Meet Your Heroes,” is an excellent introduction to Kate Bishop and a reintroduction to Clint Barton with the perfect backdrop of the holiday season. Read our review!

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‘The Inheritance Games’ Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Review: These ‘Knives Out’ Inspired Books Will Keep You On Your Toes

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes channels Knives Out as a sinister YA series as enthralling as Chris Evans’ cable-knit sweater.

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Fangirlish: Our Playlist For Kit and Ty From ‘The Shadowhunter Chronicles’

When Cassandra Clare first announced Secrets of Blackthorn Hall, a free, online series of stories set in the Shadowhunter Chronicles universe, a lot of us were hoping it would mean that we’d get a glimpse of Kit and Ty before…

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Chapelwaite 1×01 “Blood Calls Blood” is a transition episode that hooks you with the few mysteries to be solved. Let’s review!

Jesy Nelson Teases “The Next Chapter” In Her Music

The end of an era. The next chapter. Something new. Sometimes these phrases are the hardest things to hear and sometimes they are exciting.

The ‘La Brea’ Trailer Leaves us Thinking: How is this Sustainable?

There’s a lot of promise to La Brea, NBC’s new sci-fi property, coming this Fall. We’re just not sure it’s sustainable.

Breaking Down ‘The Witcher’: Yennefer Teaser

Manifest my friends. Manifestation is really your friend. I was just saying in my WitcherCon breakdown that I still wanted a Yennefer teaser as we hadn’t gotten one yet. Well, that has now changed because after I wrote about it,…

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Breaking Down ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Geralt Teaser

YASS! I asked and the Netflix gods saw fit to bless us with another season 2 character teaser for The Witcher – Geralt’s. Manifest the shit out of what you want. This is the lesson I have just learned. Could…

We Need to Talk About ‘Luca’s Alberto and the Importance of Mental Health

We need to talk about Luca’s Alberto and how his journey to found family was just as important as the leads.

Julie Plec Set To Adapt ‘The Vampire Academy’ For Peacock In Straight-To-Series Deal

We are SOOOO excited! #TheVampireAcademy books are getting the justice they deserve – with #JuliePlec at the helm!

‘Shadow And Bone’: Kanej, Or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Angst

We all have our favorite things about Shadow and Bone. For Lizzie, her favorite thing is absolutely Kanej, so she’s taking the time to gush.

5 Worst TV Shows On-Air

This is the post where shows that are currently on-air should come to die. I question why they are even still on for many reasons: because they are horrendous, the storyline has gone so far off track, endless seasons or…

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‘Wynonna Earp’ 4×08 Review: “Hell Raisin’ Good Time”

Wynonna Earp’s “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” is proof that this show is as weird as they come and we love it to bits because of it.