The Next Chapter Of ‘Sex And The City’ Is Coming

We couldn’t help but wonder, where are they now? Looks like we’ll get our answer. The next chapter of Sex and The City is coming.

‘Sex And The City’ Without Samantha?

It’s time to let Sex and the City go. We want stories centered on female friendships, yes, but not this one.

‘Beckham’ Answers the Question of If Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the New Posh and Becks

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce the new Posh and Becks? The answer may be in Netflix’s Beckham docu-series.

‘The Walking Dead’ Fandom Has an Ageism Problem with Carol & Daryl

The Walking Dead fandom has an ageism problem when it comes to how they treat Carol and Daryl’s relationship.

The Duchess Of Sussex Talks About Social Media And Mental Health

The social media landscape is a terrifying place. No joke. It’s terrifying. It’s a place that makes us cringe, cry, and also causes a ton of stress. Social media is a scary place, even though it feels like to a…

Ava Reid Talks A Study in Drowning And What’s Next

Ava Reid’s A Study in Drowning is out today, and if you need some convincing to give the book a chance, we’ve got you.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Option Carley Fortunes ‘Meet Me At The Lake’

We think most authors would love to have their book adapted to the screen. Seeing their story come to life with people playing their characters, having an experience of a lifetime… But imagine you get a call that The Duke…

‘Sex Education’ Shares Season 4 First Look and We’re in Love!

Sex Education season 4 is getting closer! Finally, we have the first look of the new season and we love it! Take a look!

Here’s Why ‘Riverdale’ Should Give Us Beronica AND Choni Endgame

With Riverdale wrapping up, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about why Betty and Veronica should be endgame. And Choni too.

Cillian Murphy Talks Filming Sex Scenes With Florence Pugh

Sex scenes? For them? Against them? What do you think of them? Do they further the story?

5 Messiest Moments from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 5 Episodes 1-4

Every season of Too Hot to Handle we wonder if this can get messier. Spoiler alert, season 5 just did it and we’re here to talk about it!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 2×03 Review: “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”

We’ve got temporal shenanigans this week in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 2×03 “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” Check out our thoughts!

The Trailer for Season 2 of ‘And Just Like That…’ Is Here

The trailer for the second season of Sex and the City’s revival And Just Like That… is here, and there’s excitement in the air.

Jason Momoa Is a Bisexual Disaster in ‘Fast X’ As Dante

Jason Momoa was a bisexual disaster in Fast X and we need to talk about how he made us almost leave our family behind.

‘Schmigadoon!’ 2×06 Review: “Over and Done”

We’ll miss it, but we’re OK with saying goodbye to Schmicago after Schmigadoon! 2×06.

Guest Post: ‘Porn and Patriarchy: The Persistent Gendering of Eroticism’

We’ve got a guest post from author Lana Ferguson, author of The Nanny which was released on April 11, 2023.

Meet Cute’s Sexy Island is What We Want From Reality TV

Looking for a rom-com you can listen to? Look no further than Meet Cute’s newest offering, titled Sexy Island.

‘Shadow and Bone’ 2×06 Review: “Ni Weh Sesh (I Have No Heart)”

Shadow and Bone 2×06 “Ni Weh Sesh (I Have No Heart)” is a brilliant hour for all couples — except the ghost of Darklina.

‘Shadow and Bone’s Wesper Isn’t the Drama in Season 2

So what if Wesper isn’t the drama in season 2 of Shadow and Bone? I quite like that they’re just adorable and stuff.

Moments That Broke Our Hearts In Movies And TV

There are so many moments from movies & television that broke our hearts this year. Read them here.

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’: The Story So Far

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is the period mystery series you need in your life. If you missed the first season, allow us to introduce you to it!