‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×06 Review: “And I’m Sorry If I Dissed You”

Why is Tell Me Lies so good? Because it brings out emotions and well, after this episode, I am feeling a lot of them. Granted, most of what I am feeling is anger, but I am feeling something. The episodes…

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×04 Review: “Take Off Your Pants And Your Jacket”

In which Erin goes off about hating everyone in this show and the women of #TellMeLies being bad friends and not knowing their worth.

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×03 Review: “We Don’t Touch, We Collide”

#TellMeLies is fucking with us, but we have to say, the ending of this episode has us going WTF has happened. Didn’t see that coming.

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×02 Review: “Hot-Blooded”

You never forget your worst. You also never forget the first person that made you…. 👀

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×01 Review: “Lightning Strikes”

Hulu does it once again. Give them a book on toxic, complicated love, and they are gonna make a f**king good TV show. #TellMeLies is phenomenal.

Everything We Know About Hulu’s Upcoming Series ‘Tell Me Lies’

Is there anything better than a good, angsty drama? We’re saying no. #TellMeLies on Hulu looks right up our alley. Here’s everything we know about the series so far

Hulu Dropped The Trailer For Their New Series, ‘Tell Me Lies’

Well, #TellMeLies looks like it’s going to be an obsession of ours. After all the holidays are coming up and it’s gonna inspire excuses to use as to why we’re single.

Countdown To Christmas Review: A Merry Scottish Christmas

Family is sometimes a strange thing. It’s a very complicated thing, especially as we get older and we all develop our personalities. For Lindsay and Brad, they’ve grown apart. Brother and sister who were once close and now, they just…

‘The Buccaneers’ 1×04 Review: “Homecoming”

The Buccaneers 1×04, “Homecoming,” is an evergreen reminder that family is complicated — no matter when or where. Keep reading for our review!

‘The Killer’ Review: A Slick, Intelligent Thriller

The specialty of David Fincher as a director lies in thrillers. But there is also more to his talent than that focus suggests because his style has translated to other genres. However, his latest film is right in his wheelhouse.…

‘Barbenheimer’ Getting Low-Budget Comedy & We Will Be Watching

Somehow we should’ve seen that a Barbenheimer low-budget movie coming but we’re still surprised. And delighted.

‘Shining Vale’ 2×01 Review: “Chapter 9: Homecoming”

Shining Vale 2×01 “Chapter 9: Homecoming” is the perfect season premiere to remind us of everything we loved about this series.

‘Our Flag Means Death’ 2×03 Review: “The Innkeeper”

Gay love pierced through the veil of death and saved the day in Our Flag Means Death 2×03 “The Innkeeper.” Read our review.

‘The Wheel of Time’ 2×05 Review: “Damane”

The Wheel of Time 2×05 feels like a breather after the first four episodes of the season. In a good way! Check out our review!

‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ 1×01 Review: “L’âme Perdue”

While the return of Daryl Dixon is welcome, the show doesn’t escape the tropes that have continued to plague the TWD franchise.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ 2×08: Love Triangle

Having loved these books for a decade and having reread them more times than I can count, I will stand by the fact that Conrad Fisher is my ship. He’s not perfect, he’s incredibly flawed, he’s hurtful sometimes, but he’s…

Best Moments From ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Check out our best moments from They Cloned Tyrone, from Jamie Foxx’s antics to John Boyega’s intense delivery and Parris’ stellar acting!

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ 2×06 Review: ‘Love Fest’

When the only place that feels like home and keeps you close to the person that you loved the most, who is now gone from this earth, is taken from you – it’s understandable that you feel a lot of…

Julie Soto’s Debut Novel, Forget Me Not, Tapped For TV Series

No one really ever expects for their debut novel to be picked up for a television adaptation, but we have to admit we’re excited that Julie Soto’s #ForgetMeNot has been!

‘Never Have I Ever’: Key South-Asian Moments

Over 4 Seasons, Never Have I Ever gave us a look at how deeply rooted culture is in our personality, and that’s a win for us brown girlies.

‘Elemental’ Review: Young Love, Pixar-Style

Elemental proves Pixar is pretty good at romance! We think Ember and Wade work, and our review covers that and a lot more.