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So It’s 2018…

So It’s 2018…

2017 was kind of a blur and yet it’s like this nightmare that I will never be able to forget. I am not sure it was a bad year. I am not sure it was a good year.

It was a year.

Starting out 2017, I knew one thing – I wanted anyone and everyone who wrote for this website to tell their truth. If you hated something, say it. If you loved something, say it. Be able to back it up and I will defend you until the end of time. That’s what I told everyone.

And I meant it. I still do.

That’s not saying that it’s easy. It’s not. One thing that we’ve learned this year is that people can be really cruel. No one is saying we are a victim – part of the thing with putting yourself out there is that you have to accept that people are going to have opinions on your opinions. But what I am saying is that in sharing those you don’t have to be cruel.

I am fiercely protective of the people that commit their time to Fangirlish. I have had the honor of working along side some of the smartest people I know. There have been those that have come and gone, realizing that the time commitment you need to put into a website is A LOT.

It’s not easy.

Even those, I am protective of.

2017 taught me that people are protective of their ships in ways that I may not understand. 2017 taught me that some may get cruel, some may turn to insulting you because you don’t agree with them, some may make threats – but don’t take things personally. The same way that we speak our truths, others do the same.

In 2017, I underwent major surgery and have spent the last 6 months of my life going through hell and back. Everyday is a struggle for me and so I’ve learned a lot about importance of things. Prioritizing things. I’ve learned a lot about friends who are there for you and those that aren’t. But I learned that regardless of who is and isn’t there – none of it matters if you aren’t there for yourself.

The events of 2017 have been hard, challenging, uncomfortable, scary… however you want to put it. I’ve watched some people on this site cry, have panic attacks, and even contemplate suicide over the words that have been said to them on social media. So I sat and asked myself – is it worth it?

The short answer… yes. Why? Because I asked them if it was and they said yes. They reminded me that they have had their dreams come true and do things that they never thought possible because they write for Fangirlish. They have reminded me that what they do is important to them. They reminded me that they have a platform for their voice.

And some of them have been able to secure some pretty cool jobs doing it.

So knowing that 2017 in someways was a nightmare, I had to ask myself, what do I want for 2018? What do I want for Fangirlish to be? Truth is, that is constantly evolving. So I had to think, what can I promise you that Fangirlish will be in 2018?

I know that these things will continue…

We’ll still write about things we hate and things we love – I was asked why we write about Shadowhunters if we hate it so much? Well, truth is we don’t hate it, but what it has been made into is an embarrassment. The show deserved so much better and we’re huge fans of Cassie Clare. So, we’ll write about it and how it could have been better. We’ll be blunt as fuck. Because it’s not about the acting – it’s about the writing. It’s about the plot holes. And Shadowhunters isn’t the only show that we’ll do that with. We’re going to be blunt with every show – even if we normally love it, we will write when something we hate happens. It’s an opinion, it’s the writers and they have the right to tell it.

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We’ll not let online bullying dictate a conversation – I know that some people don’t agree with what we write. I know that some people do. But we won’t let bullying dictate what we write. We’re open to conversation. Always. But cruelty and attacking a person will never be a reason for us to stop writing about what we like, love, or hate.

We will continue to be inclusive – I know I am going to get shit for this, but that’s fine. There is a certain fandom out there that thinks we aren’t because we like a different ship on a DC show than they do. But we strive to learn every day. We strive to listen. And we do. We will continue to accept, listen, and learn. And I’ll say what I have said for the past three years – if you have a differing opinion than ours, we’re open to publishing it. Comment on the articles. We’ll listen. We’ll talk about it.

We will continue to speak from our hearts – I saw someone tweet the other day that their ship made the NYT and that mattered, because it was the NYT. That they know fandom. The tweet continued on that Fangirlish has our heads up our asses, cause we don’t see reality. This was all over a ship. But, here’s the thing – seeing things from a different view does not mean that ones head is up their ass. Our fangirl hearts love a variety of things. I will not tell a person that they can only like things from a certain POV because Twitter dictates it. The writers on this site will continue to write from their hearts and we’ll continue to stand behind that.

Our word of the year – Fearless.

Whatever happens in 2018, we know that we’re going to be here, listening, loving, and fangirling our hearts out.

And love us or hate us, we’ll continue to appreciate you.


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