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‘Sweet/Vicious’ Season Finale Recap: Glory And Gore

‘Sweet/Vicious’ Season Finale Recap: Glory And Gore

Well, friends, the time has come. Tonight was the two-hour season finale of MTV’s highly underrated Sweet/Vicious. The two-hour finale was a combination of the last two episodes, “An Innocent Man” and “Pure Heroine.” But don’t worry, it went out with a bang. It was full of humor, romance, exposing people, framing other people and of course, vagilante badassery.

Let’s just dive right in, okay?

We pick up where we left off last week–Harris figured out that Ophelia was part of the vigilante squad. He wasn’t so much mad as he was disappointed in Ophelia for going against exactly what he was for. Basically, the two of them broke up and it was HEARTBREAKING.

BUT, the next day, Jules came back to Ophelia’s to apologize for the things she said in Brady’s room after they beat the kid up. Ophelia forgave her before telling Jules that Harris knew literally everything.

Jules tried to make Ophelia feel better by telling her that she had gone to the school to report her sexual assault. It was unclear what would happen, but Jules thought it was a way for her to finally start healing. Yay, Jules! Proud of you.

That being said, the Title IX office started questioning all of Jules’ friends and even Miles, who was at the party. They all testified and gave their stories, a few of them even realizing what had really happened between Nate and Jules.

Before giving her testimony, Jules decided to tell Tyler what had happened to her. But, before she could say anything, Tyler shared that he had filed a missing persons report for Carter. He gave the police access to Carter’s apartment and his garage…which you remember is where Jules and Ophelia murdered Carter.

Frantic, Jules high tailed it out of there, not bothering to tell Tyler about the sexual assault, but instead going to Ophelia.

Even though the moment was brief, and like ended not so great, it was nice to see these two interacting again. I miss them. My heart.

Since Jules had to focus on her trial so Ophelia decided she could handle the Carter situation. She would just figure out what the police knew and what they didn’t know. So while Jules was giving her testimony against Nate, Ophelia hacked into the police system and got the upper hand.

After her trial, Tyler showed up at Zeta. He had heard about what happened between Nate and Jules (because Nate posted some nasty picture, but that’s beside the point) All that matters is Tyler showed up and was There For Jules. He apologized for assuming anything was going on between Jules and Nate and basically just made it clear that he would right by Jules’ side. Jules was grateful, I was grateful, Tyler is too good for this world.

But the Jyler reunion didn’t last long; Jules and Ophelia had to go make sure the garage was spotless of their blood and puke. There was a run in with the cops, but the girls didn’t get caught. They managed to clean up the garage and have a lil Snapchat fun in the process. 🙂

And finally it was time to find out the results of Jules’ trial. Tyler showed up because “my top three things in life: smell of fresh paint, black and white cookies, and TITLE IX HEARINGS!” He is an actual goober, you guys!!!

Tyler was of course very protective over Jules so when Nate came up and started talking shit, Tyler punched him in the face. Because fuck Nate, honestly. Jules was Not Cool with it and left Tyler outside of the building.

Inside the office, Jules sat in between Ophelia and Kennedy, holding hands with both of them. I really loved this moment because these three are like sisters, honestly, and I love how close all of them are and how protective Ophelia and Kennedy are over Jules. They are #TeamJules tbh.

Jules was called into the main office and was told that Nate was found guilty of raping Jules (Cheers!!!!)

Ophelia and Jules were honestly shell shocked because the whole reason they had started their vagilante take downs was because the school didn’t do anything. And yet, Nate was found guilty….hmm…

Since Harris hadn’t come around to listen/talk to Ophelia about the vagilante take downs, Ophelia decided to take matters into her own hands. She listened in on Harris’ conversation with the DA, finding out that she was putting him at risk by making him keep her vagilante secret.

After wallowing in her own misery and copious amounts of alcohol, Ophelia decided to turn herself in and free Harris from all the stress and trouble she was causing him. Luckily, Harris and Jules found Ophelia before she could do anything damaging.

They took her back to the apartment and gave her a serious talking to. Harris told her that even though he frowned upon the stuff she was doing, he would still protect her. Awhhh. BFFS4LYFE~

Harris left on a happy note, friendship restored, leaving Jules to break some heartbreaking news to Ophelia. Nate’s guilty verdict had been overturned because his family appealed against the claim. And President Mays decided to rule in Nate’s favor, because, well, because Nate’s the star of the football team. KMS, tbh.

Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles. TBH he really redeemed himself. He was kind of a piece of shit in the beginning, but it was all because he honestly didn’t know what had happened between Jules and Nate. Once he figured it out, he confronted Nate, asking for the truth. Nate spewed some “alternative facts” before yelling at Miles to get out of his room. BECAUSE EVEN NATE KNOWS HE’S NOT TELLING THE TRUTH TBH.

Evan stopped by the make sure all was good with Ophelia. Ophelia poured her heart and soul out to him and talked about her ~feelings~ The best part (besides “black hole”) was that Evan totally and completely validated Ophelia’s feelings.

These two are so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. They constantly support each other, let each other have space when it’s needed and even spill out their feelings to each other. They’re such a positive, balanced couple, it’s great.

Even later on in the finale, Evan admits to Ophelia that one of the girls in his dorm was sexually assaulted and he felt kind of guilty because it happened right down the hall from him. He was up all hours of the night, making sure she was okay and Ophelia offered to take shifts with him to make sure the girl was okay. Baes supporting Baes!!

Another couple that is just too fantastic for words…Jyler. The ship is officially repaired and back on the ocean. The two of them made up and Tyler apologized for punching Nate, knowing that Jules could handle herself.

There was even some ~consensual sex~

A real post-sex mood killer is def having your boyfriend taken away in handcuffs and accused for the murder of his step-brother, when actually you helped murder him (accidentally!!) And that’s totally what happened to Tyler and Jules. Yep, Tyler was taken away in handcuffs by the cops, arrested for the murder of his step-brother, Carter. Yikes!

Since the finale was two hours, we didn’t have to wait long to find out Tyler’s situation, THANK GOD!! Jules quickly went to visit Tyler and found out that the cops hadn’t taken his phone. She urged him to hand over his phone because it was all part of her plan to get her boyfriend out of prison…

Meanwhile, Ophelia was hacking into Nate’s social media accounts, trying to figure out the best time/place to take Nate down. She wanted it to be real special, take everything away from him since he took everything away from Jules.

Harris had accepted an internship at the DA’s office, only to find out that the DA’s office didn’t really care about the sexual assault cases or the vigilante running loose. A bummer, but honestly, kind of realistic.

His interest was def piqued and he told Ophelia what he found out, to which Ophelia wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

Toward the end of the first half of the finale, Kennedy reached out to the vigilante through Twitter. She waited for a WHILE until the girls reached out to her. They got all fancy and hand delivered a note to Kennedy asking for her help to intimaNATE! Kennedy was very happy and very excited to oblige.

Ophelia even hacked into the Darlington’s server to send out an emergency alert. The alert was directly to Nate, calling him and telling him that they were coming for him. Hehe. Suck it, Nate.

TYLER IS FREE!!! Okay, so the plan that Jules and Ophelia came up with is as followed::

  • Found some horrible dude to frame.
  • Sent a text to Tyler’s phone from the dude’s location.
  • Placed the murder weapon and Carter’s phone in the dude’s house.

Bang. Tyler’s free. Welcome home, Hilary Swank from Million Dollar Baby. Welcome home.

The girls decided that they def needed to kick Nate’s ass. (DUH) Even though Nate tried to get the upper hand by bringing in all of his frat bros, the girls still kicked his ASS!!!! I was very proud.

See Also

The only Omega missing from the takedown was Miles. The girls went to him to get his help, but he was like super high and basically useless. But he did give some vital information: Shelby.

And who is Shelby? Oh, she’s the girl that Nate raped when they were in high school. Nate is a terrible human being you guys!!!!

Of course, the girls didn’t JUST beat up Nate. They also got Miles’ help (when he wasn’t high) and recorded Nate admitting to be a terrible human being (doing coke and all) They broadcasted the footage of him talking about how girls were asking for it and all that horrible stuff all over the school. At the MVP rally, at the cafeteria and even in some other buildings.

At the end of the video, the Sweet/Vicious logo came up on the screen and the girls looked INCREDIBLY PROUD OF THEMSELVES. Which they should be!! They exposed Nate for the crusty ass he is in front of the whole school.

But they didn’t stop there. They also sent out a mass email to Darlington’s student body telling them that they believe everyone. They urged the student body to sent them their injustices. Sweet/Vicious are now the new superheroes of Darlington. Get it, gurls.

Back at Zeta, Jules and Kennedy finally have a heart to heart. Throughout the finale, Kennedy had on a brave face and said she was fine with all the Nate stuff, even though she totes wasn’t. Jules finally sat her down and asked her what was up. Basically, Kennedy felt guilty for missing Nate because of what he did to Jules. Jules shut that nonsense down real fast because it was totally valid for Kennedy to feel the way she feels.

You have to remember that Kennedy loved Nate. She did. And to have someone you love commit such a horrible crime, especially against your BFF, is hard to come to terms with. And it’s not really easy to get over someone just like that. But I’m glad Jules validated Kennedy’s feelings and made sure Kennedy was aware that the situation didn’t define her.

The core of this show is honestly about girl power. It’s about sticking up and supporting your girls, taking care of them and being there for them no matter what. It’s so nice to see a show and scenes that show how important it is to support your local babes.

Speaking of friendships, Harris came to Ophelia with the proposal of him joining the Vagilante Squad. He wanted to be their Charlie, but we alllllll know he’s more of a Bosley. Anyway, Harris is a part of the team now!!!

He’s basically gonna be their inside guy, which we already see hints of. He sends case files to Ophelia in hopes that it’s another injustice they can rectify.


No, honestly, these two melt my heart and they both told each other that they love each other. UGH BBYS!!!

Even though Jyler is in this nice lil romantic bubble, Tyler ended up going back to the garage to clean up some of Carter’s stuff. And, well, remember in the first episode where Jules ripped her backpack? Yeah, the piece of fabric is still there. BUT DON’T WORRY!! Tyler didn’t find it. BUT IT’S THERE AND IT WILL HAUNT ME.

Nate found a President’s Son in his bedroom!!! Basically, this dude felt that he and Nate were kindred spirits  since they were both taken down by the vigilantes. IDK what will blossom from this “friendship” but I already don’t like it…

And we end the finale with the girls launching their Sweet/Vicious website!! At first, there were no hits, but soon the injustices came rolling in. Looks like these two are gonna be vagilante-ing all over Darlington’s asses.

As always, it was so fun recapping this season and hearing your thoughts. LOVE YOU ALL V MUCH!!! Tell me all of your thoughts and hopes and dreams and nightmares for next season! xoxo Gossip Girl (Liz)

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