June 5th will give us the premiere of a show that should have ended long ago. The final season of 13 Reasons Why is set to premiere on Netflix that day. What will happen in the final season? Liberty High Schools students, “before they say goodbye, they’ll have to keepRead More →


2018 is solidly in the rearview mirror. Honestly, hallelujah! Now, from the safety of 2019, we can look back at those TV moments from 2018 that grabbed hold of our feels and cruelly twisted them until they bled. Beware of serious spoilers as we take you on this weeping journeyRead More →

There are even more reasons why on the way. Netflix has renewed its conversation-starting series 13 Reasons Why for a third season, it announced via video on the series’ official social media. 13 Reasons Why will return next year for a 13-episode Season 3. While showrunner Brian Yorkey is setRead More →

The series 13 Reasons Why is coming to DVD/Blu-Ray and we’re excited. The series was groundbreaking and innovative, but most importantly to us it was surprising, raw, and hit us in the heart. If you aren’t familiar with the Netflix series, it’s based off the books by Jay Asher andRead More →

Hannah Baker’s story may be done, but its effects will carry on. Netflix has renewed 13 Reasons Why for a second season, the service announced on Sunday. The show will be seeing a change in showrunner as Brian Yorkey takes over in season 2 for the departing Diana Son. TheRead More →

There is a lot to be said for 13 Reasons Why and no matter if you love or hate it, one can’t deny just how powerful of a performance that Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette give some very powerful performances throughout the series. They keep you glued to the screen,Read More →

  When I watch 13 Reasons Why, after each and every episode, I find myself sitting here crying and not thinking that I can make it through another one. Every episode is painful, but every episode is necessary. If you aren’t familiar with 13 Reasons Why, you should be. ItRead More →

    Words. The words that we say seem simple enough, but sometimes, they are just a little bit more complicated. Hell a lot of the time they are more complicated. Especially when you are in high school. Everything seems a bit more extreme, a little more intense, and sometimesRead More →

I know that when it comes to 13 Reasons Why, people have very different opinions. Some people feel that it doesn’t touch on everything that it should and therefore it’s reckless. Some feel that it’s so raw and real that it needs to be seen by everyone. We fall onRead More →

If you aren’t watching 13 Reasons Why you need to stop what you are doing and watch it immediately. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be breaking it down, episode by episode. Let me preface this by saying this show is so important that it’s hard for us to putRead More →

Suicide isn’t something to be taken lightly and we’re glad that the adaptation of 13 Reason’s Why isn’t shying away from telling the story. If you aren’t familiar with 13 Reason’s Why, here’s the synopsis, “13 Reasons Why is a new series from Netflix adapted from the best-selling books byRead More →

If you are watching anything on Netflix you need to make sure it’s 13 Reasons Why. The adaptation of Jay Asher’s book is something that we can’t wait for because the book is AMAZING. If you aren’t familiar with 13 Reasons Why, here’s the synopsis – Based on the best-sellingRead More →