‘The Irregulars’ 1×01 Review: “Chapter One – An Unkindness in London”

The Irregulars “Chapter Ones: An Unkindness in London” is the Sherlockian adventure I never knew I wanted.

‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ 1×01 Review: “To The Waters And The Wild”

Fate: The Winx Saga is here! There is so much to comment we are going to review each episode. It is the turn for “To the Waters and the Wild”

‘The Flight Attendant’ 1×01 Review: Stereotypes, Murder, and Kaley Cuoco

Big Bang Theory was in no way, shape, or form “our thing.” We couldn’t stand half the stereotypical nerds who get the hot girl just because. And that made it so we’ve never really spent time admiring the acting skills…

‘Alex Rider’ 1×01 Review: “The One Where All Begins”

We’re here, spies! It’s time to analyze the first episode of Alex Rider. I titled this review “the one where all begins” because I think it sums it up. The episode introduces the characters and the story begins. It’s the episode…