‘9-1-1’ 4×08 Review: “Breaking Point”

The winter finale of 9-1-1 did not disappoint us this week. We love that the 118 always comes together when their community is in need.

‘9-1-1’ 4×06 Review: “Jinx”

9-1-1 always adds humor to each episode, but “Jinx” was one of the funniest, and strangest, episodes ever. And we loved every minute of it.

‘9-1-1’ 4×05 Review: “Buck Begins”

We’ve been waiting years for Buck’s backstory. This week on “Buck Begins”, we finally learn about Buck’s history and what led him to the 118.

‘9-1-1’ 4×02 Review: “Alone Together”

This episode of 9-1-1 picked up right where last week left off: with the mudslide.  Athena’s trapped in a house that’s sliding down a cliff.  We’ll come back to Athena later, but first we want to discuss some other issues…

‘9-1-1’ 4×01 Review: “The New Abnormal”

9-1-1 is back for a new season, and we’re beyond excited.  It feels like a lifetime since we’ve seen this show, and the season premiere did not disappoint.  We have so many feelings about this episode so let’s discuss! “The…

The Best (and Worst) Moments of 9-1-1 So Far

9-1-1 is unlike any other show on television. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve screamed, I’ve fallen in and out of love with characters (and sometimes all in the same episode!) I thought while we’re all waiting for the fourth season,…

‘9-1-1’ 3×16 Review: “The One That Got Away”

This week’s episode of 9-1-1, “The One That Got Away” was another tearjerker. I love the crazy, ridiculous rescues the show does, but I like when the show focuses on the personal lives of the 118. This week we got…