It seems as though 2020 is going to be quite the year for 1D fans. Whether it is albums coming out late 2019 (Harry, Liam) or early 2020 (Niall, Louis) 2020 will be filled with new music and appearances from our fav lads. After much speculation after a little slipRead More →


We knew it was coming, and yet, it still feels like a surprise. After releasing his newest single and video for Lights Up not along ago, fans of Harry Styles knew that a new album was on the way. He had already talked about the writing sessions, the creative processRead More →

It feels like after months of a musical drought, One Direction fans are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. First Niall, then Harry release new singles, and now it seems that Louis Tomlinson is hot on their heels. His new single, “We Made It” is comingRead More →

We’re only a few days before Christmas, and I am sure I am not the only one thankful for the year that the 1D lads have had in 2017. Mainly because each have found measures of success in the solo arena, and are now able to take some time toRead More →

Well, this has been a good week in the world of 1D. As 2017 quickly winds down, the end of the year only seems to be bringing more and more for our favorite 4. So let’s get right to it! HARRY This was a less than typical week for Harry.Read More →

This has been a busy week for our 1D lads, with performances, concerts, videos and announcements galore! So we’re going to get right to it for the 1D Chronicles for this week! HARRY Mr Styles has been busy this week, announcing upcoming appearances and performances on not only the AriaRead More →

We here at Fangirlish love One Direction. And as much as we miss them as a band while they take this hiatus to explore other ventures, we can’t help but love all the music, concerts, appearances and videos we are getting now that 4/4 have become 1/1/1/1. October 20, 2017,Read More →

With 1D on a hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time, this means that news on their comings, goings, and overall doings are hit and miss. While all 4 lads are recording, touring, and performing, they are always up to something, but news wise…it makes for a little mish-mash ofRead More →

For those of you who are team Horan, and have been waiting (im)patiently for any and all announcements with regard to his first solo release since the hiatus began in late 2015, today was a very good day for you. Not only was yesterday Niall’s 24th birthday, but today (SeptRead More →

Picture this: a high speed car chase, a played out heist, and Zayn Malik at the helm. Well, that is what you’re going to get when Malik drops his next single, Dusk until Dawn, on Sept 7. Sneaking a little preview to fans on his Instagram and other social media,Read More →

With a number 1 album, multiple number one singles, and now the number 1 movie in the nation, the world is left wondering if Harry Styles can do no wrong? It seems that anything the green eyed Brit touches turns to gold, and on top of that, he’s just oneRead More →

The One Direction fandom, while still deep in the throws of the hiatus, have been treated in recent weeks to musical overload at the hands of their fav four. And while we all cant wait for them to take the stage as a group again, you cant deny how funRead More →

April 7, 2017 is a date many have been anticipating with baited breath for the last several weeks. Since the first hints from DJs that a new song would be hitting the airwaves this date, to 30 second commercials that stilled the hearts of fangirls and fanboys across the world,Read More →

It is officially 10 days until the majorly anticipated solo launch of Harry Styles. And it seems as though Mr Styles is covering all his bases to prepare for the change in his career. Typically silent as always, Styles has been releasing cryptic and subtle hints of what we canRead More →

This is it! Everyone stay calm, all hands on deck! The anticipation of the upcoming solo One Direction releases has been enough to set the fandom on edge since the boys first went on their hiatus more than a year ago. One by one, we have heard snips from each,Read More →

Who knew 2 words could put a fandom into such a frenzy? But it has happened, as multiple sources state that Harry Styles solo album is ready, and about to drop ‘very soon’. Since ‘very soon’ is such an ambiguous time frame, the fans of the 1D hitmaker are tryingRead More →

With new solo music already released from his One Direction band mates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, and even snips from Liam Payne, could Harry Styles be only weeks away from releasing his own solo efforts? Rumor has it that Styles may be working towards a surprise pop up releaseRead More →

Well, it looks like Liam Payne’s solo album is getting a little 1D infusion with the help of former bandmate Louis Tomlinson. The two have penned previous tracks together for One Directions own music over the years, but now as the band is on hiatus and each is working onRead More →