This has been a busy week for our 1D lads, with performances, concerts, videos and announcements galore! So we’re going to get right to it for the 1D Chronicles for this week! HARRY Mr Styles has been busy this week, announcing upcoming appearances and performances on not only the AriaRead More →


Wattpad has no shortage of inspirational and talented writers utilizing its platform. No matter your preference, you will find it within their links; genre, length, sexuality, maturity, cartoon, real life, it doesnt matter. It is there. But with all these endless options it can sometimes he hard to pick outRead More →

The equivalent to Oscar season has arrived for Wattpad writers, and in a big way. The Wattys showcase the best and brightest stories of the forum, the title of Wattys winner a coveted one within the writing world. To have that badge on your story cover is something many striveRead More →

The wait is finally over! After months of lead up, voting, nail biting and tagging Wattpad with gifs hinting towards our impatience, the 2016 Watty winners have been announced. Friday, November 4 brought the end of this years anxiety ridden waiting period, and for some, the excitement of being ableRead More →