When it comes to badass ladies, Arrow brings them in all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Whether its intellectual badasses like Felicity Smoak or physical badasses like Black Siren and Dinah Drake, aka “Black Canary,” there’s plenty to love about strong females. We spoke with Arrow stars Katie Cassidy and JulianaRead More →

While Laurel Lance met her tragic end on Arrow late in season four, that didn’t spell the end of Katie Cassidy within this Arrowverse. With The Flash exploring the idea of the multiverse, which included a heavy focus on Earth-2, we saw Cassidy return as Black Canary’s doppleganger Black Siren.Read More →

Laurel Lance lives…on Earth-2, that is, in the penultimate episode of The Flash season two. The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 2×22 of The Flash titled “Invincible,” (airing May 17) which features Katie Cassidy’s return to the DCTV world as Laurel Lance’s doppleganger, Black Siren, an Earth-2 metahumanRead More →