‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Adds a New Character to the Mix

Bridgerton season 3 is close! Polin’s love story begins with a new character and we are not sure yet if we are going to love or hate her.

A Thank You Letter to Bridgerton’s Sharma Women

Thank you to the Sharma Ladies for fulfilling so many dreams through their formidable South-Asian representation in Bridgerton S2.

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×08 “The Viscount Who Loved Me” 

Bridgerton 2×08 “The Viscount Who Loved Me” is about listening to your heart and betting everything on it, no matter the consequences.

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader:  ‘Bridgerton’ 2×07 “Harmony” 

Bridgerton 2×07 “Harmony” is about family, love, and what happens when we put ourselves first, despite the consequences. We review!

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×06 “The Choice”

Bridgerton 2×06 “The Choice” is about the decisions we make. Some are imposed by duty, others by fear, and others by heart. We review!

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: Bridgerton 2×05 “An Unthinkable Fate” 

Bridgerton 2×05 “An Unthinkable Fate” is about love, passion, and the sacrifices we are willing to make for those we love. We review!

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×04 “Victory”

Bridgerton 2×04 “Victory” is about your heart interfering with duty, the choice you make, and what you’re willing to do to keep it.

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×03 “A Bee in Your Bonnet” 

Bridgerton 2×03 “A Bee in Your Bonnet” is about the past and how it’s part of who we are, influencing the decisions we make, and our future.

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×02 “Off to the Races” 

Bridgerton 2×02 “Off to the Races” is no longer just about duty, but about what we are willing to do for it. What are we willing to risk?

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Bridgerton’ 2×01 “Capital R Rake”

Bridgerton 2×01 “Capital R Rake” is about duty. Duty to our family and duty to ourselves. But what happens when both duties converge?

What Your ‘Bridgerton’ Crush Says About Your Ideal Man

It’s hard to pick out our favorite from the Bridgerton men, because most of them are positively swoonworthy. But if you were forced to pick – who would you want to be in a relationship with from among them? Alas,…

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Is Happening and We Have Questions

Netflix finally did what we’ve been expecting them to do since Bridgerton premiered – they renewed it for a second season! While we were secretly hoping for a sweeping seven more seasons, we’ll take what we get right now. Last…

The Future of ‘Bridgerton’ Love Stories Roundtable

There’s no doubt about it: Bridgerton was a huge hit for Netflix in 2020. It comes as no surprise, then, that the staff of Fangirlish are already looking forward to future seasons, curious to see the love stories of each…

‘Bridgerton’: TV Show vs Books Roundtable

With Bridgerton‘s first season out, the staff at Fangirlish sat down in a roundtable to discuss our thoughts and feels about the show vs the ‘The Duke and I’, but also speculate on season two. What did you think? Is the book better or…

‘Bridgerton’ ABC’s Of Ships: Simon & Daphne Edition

We still can’t stop thinking about Bridgerton! Now you know why we love this show so much. We know this family has its own obsession with the alphabet, but guess what? Us too!  So we decided to do an ABC about Simon…

‘Bridgerton’ Episode 1×08 Review: “After the Rain”

Our final Bridgerton episode review – “After the Rain.” Simon and Daphne get their HEA. The other characters, not so much.

‘Bridgerton’ Episode 1×07 Review: “Oceans Apart”

Our review of Bridgerton Episode 1×07: “Oceans Apart” is the darkness before the happy ending that Simon and Daphne will hopefully get.

‘Bridgerton’ Episode 1×06 Review: “Swish”

Bridgerton Episode 6, “Swish,” is probably the most controversial of the season with the consent issues between Daphne and Simon at the end of the episode. Our lovely Lyra already covered this topic in a piece, so we won’t talk…

‘Bridgerton’ Episode 1×05 Review: “The Duke and I”

Daphne and Simon finally made it down the aisle in “The Duke and I,” episode 5 of Bridgerton. But the road to their wedding was not a smooth one, and misunderstandings almost mar their wedding night. Bridgerton Family Though “The…

Bridgerton Episode 1×04 Review: “An Affair of Honor”

Things escalated quickly in Bridgerton Episode 4, “An Affair of Honor.” In the beginning, Daphne was days away from securing a proposal from the prince, and by the end, she was engaged to a duke and had to make a…

‘Bridgerton’ Episode 1×03 Review: “The Art of the Swoon”

In Episode 3 of Bridgerton, we learn about “The Art of the Swoon” when a new player comes to town who ranks higher than a duke – a prince. While all of the ton has its eyes on the newcomer,…