Color us shocked AF. Chaos Walking has been riddled with issues – which is hard to believe since it stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. We’re pretty confident that these two couldn’t make a bad movie if they tried. Lionsgate has set a release date for their long-awaited sci-fi Daisy Ridley-Tom Holland movie ChaosRead More →


Nick Jonas. We’re about him. The actor has joined a movie that we can’t wait for – so we’re even more excited. What movie are we talking about? Well that would be Chaos Walking. Who will he be playing? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonas will be playing, “Davy PrentissRead More →

A fantastic book. An adaptation being made. Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland starring. You understand why we’re obsessing over Chaos Walking (we have been since we read the books). Now we have another addition to the cast and we’re excited. Tom Hollands character, Todd, needs a father figure and theyRead More →

Chaos Walking is coming together. First they cast Daisy Ridley and we thought that it couldn’t get any better. We were wrong. It was announced that Tom Holland, Spider-man himself, has solidified himself as the male lead. We think it’s an amazing casting. The story takes place in a worldRead More →

We’ve known for a long time that Lionsgate optioned the Chaos Walking series. While we’ve been waiting to see any development in that option – we finally have some more information. A new director is in talks to direct the adaptation. If you are a fan of The Bourne Identity,Read More →