Leave it to Jay Cutler to save us from quarantine crazy with his reveal on Instagram. Cutler’s got a chicken murder mystery on his hands. Seriously.Read More →


We’ve entered the final game in the first quarter of the 2019 NFL season, and things don’t appear like they did at this point last season. The Buffalo Bills (3-0) and Detroit Lions are undefeated (2-0-1), the Minnesota Vikings have the best run game in the league and the ClevelandRead More →

This is an entry in Fangirlish’s What Sports Mean To Me series, where our writers discuss memorable sports moments and how sports have impacted their lives. I don’t really know how to start this post because it’s hard for me to describe my love for the Chicago Bears. Not thatRead More →

This is an entry in Fangirlish’s What Sports Mean To Me series, where our writers discuss memorable sports moments and how sports have impacted their lives. As sports fans, we all have our wacky, goofy, crazy, and entirely justifiable superstitions. While a part us understands that, logically, sports are completelyRead More →

Hey everyone we are back!! Fangirlish is here to let you hear our predictions for what is sure to be a WILD Wild Card Weekend! (See what we did there?). SO many interesting matchups this weekend. Divisional battle between the Colts and the Texans. Are the Boys really back orRead More →

Welcome to week 6! The NFL has been treating us to some interesting games, surprising defeats, and unexpected division leaders. Week 6 promises to bring us more of the same, and I couldn’t be more excited. With the first month of the season out of the way, we are seeingRead More →

As a Chicago Bears fan, I’ve grown up knowing and expecting two things: Great running back play and dominant defense. I’ve never been someone that’s really gotten to experience or expect great offensive play outside of running backs. So I grew up appreciating and thriving in the emotion that comesRead More →

Any given Sunday. Or any given NFL season, quite frankly. Anything can happen. We’re just two weeks into the 2018 NFL season and already there are shocks — both good and bad — that seem to come with every season. It’s why there can be eight new playoff teams inRead More →

Week 1 of the NFL delivered plenty of surprises and excellent football games, hopefully week 2 can deliver the same. We have everything from unexpectedly good match ups in the AFC East (that doesn’t include the New England Patriots), a game between two quarterbacks that played really well last week,Read More →

It’s that time again!! The NFL is back and I am so excited! Every week of this season I will be picking what I think are going to be the five biggest games of the week, whether for excitement, rivalry, playoff implications, or just a plain great game. Week 1Read More →

There’s no better feeling than the start of the NFL season. Well, next to your favorite team winning the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, I have not experienced the latter, so I shall have to settle for the start of a new season. As we prepare for the start of the 2018Read More →

There was a moment during John Fox’s post game press conference following the Chicago Bears most recent beating — a 29-7 manhandling by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — where he seemed caught between blind devotion and pure delusion. After Mike Glennon’s three first-half turnovers, Fox managed to place blame onRead More →