Like Sam, I love a good crossover. I’ve seen many over the years (DCTV, the early years of One Chicago (“8:30PM/A Dark Day” remains one of my favorites, RIP Shay) and even strange ones like B99 and New Girl. Besides the draw of an overarching narrative affecting a host ofRead More →

On this week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder, we learn more about Issac’s troubling backstory when we find out what really happened when his daughter, Stella, died. This season has built a rather difficult relationship with Issac and Annalise. It started out seemingly professional in the beginning,Read More →

We’ve been living in the Arrowverse for almost six years now and there’s still something missing. Something fundamental that hasn’t dawned on the writers of our favorite CW superhero shows. It’s time for an Arrowverse all female team up. We’ve seen the big team ups each year in the crossoverRead More →

So long as Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl all exist within Greg Berlanti’s superhero universe, there’s always going to the question, desire, and demand for a crossover between all three shows. While The CW’s Arrow and The Flash crossover on a regular basis, including an annual crossover event, since Supergirl‘sRead More →