Episode three of SEAL Team may be titled Boarding Party but it’s not the fun kind of gathering, and those noises echoing in the night aren’t party poppers. Instead, the mission this week involves hostage exfil while dodging bullets. We learn a little more about the members of our newRead More →


HAHO, let’s go – into SEAL Team’s second episode, Other Lives. As was the structure of the pilot episode, Tip of the Spear, Other Lives is bookended by the home scenes, the family interactions. Jason is helping Alana pack up Molly and Nate’s home. There are too many reminders hereRead More →

So many new shows, so little time. Only the thing is, you should be making time for SEAL TEAM. It’s hands down one of the best new dramas on TV. First things first: they’re not called Seals because they spend a lot of time in the water. Operating in theRead More →

Sometimes perfection comes with age. Like a fine wine it takes time to unravel and reveal it’s complexities, beauty, and distinct nature. The men of this list have only gotten better with age and continue to steal hearts as they go about filming the TV shows and movies we love!Read More →