I’ll be honest; Bane has never really interested me as a Batman villain. “I Am Bane” did not change that. The title character was far less interesting than the woman holding his leash, and her vendetta against Bruce Wayne and Barbara Kean. Bane felt like a plot device to executeRead More →


“The Trial Of Jim Gordon” marks Erin Richards’ debut as a director, with a script written by Ben McKenzie. They created pure gold. The episode is loaded with so many of the things I love about Gotham: Favorite characters and heartfelt conversations, mixed with life-threatening crises. It was a little lessRead More →

“Ace Chemicals” is loaded with chemistry. There’s the sizzling kind between fan-favorite couples, the soothing kind between friends who have become family, plus the explosive kind between deadly enemies. And then there was the big explosion that leveled Wayne Manor! Continuing their “pull out all the stops” approach for thisRead More →

Well, that was quick! “Ruin” brought us the long-awaited return of Jeremiah, but he didn’t get to stick around long. Selina succeeds in her quest for revenge. But you know the drill. This is Gotham. Better check for a pulse! “Ruin” mixes solid procedural with the insanity we expect fromRead More →

“Trespassers” gives us more of the weirdness we love in Gotham, while advancing the stories of two of Batman’s future adversaries. We also get more of Jim Gordon’s heroism, Harvey Bullock’s faithful support and Barbara Kean’s quest for revenge against the Penguin. We don’t get any Penguin in this episode,Read More →

“Year Zero” is one hell of a start to Gotham’s final season. It’s a perfect mix of everything we love about the show. We get some mysteries (the main one in the opening flash-forward sequence), plus the emotional ties between the characters, the machinations of the villains, and the dedicationRead More →