Hello and welcome to an oversized Bachelorette recap! The end of the season is now upon us, but before we jump into just who Rachel chooses to be her new partner, let us take a few moments to recap what happened in the last two weeks to get Rachel toRead More →


Welcome, friends to a “very special” three hour Bachelor extravaganza. What can you do in three hours that’s more productive than watching the Bachelor, you ask? Well you could: 1. Have surgery (light, maybe like a gallbladder removal or something). 2. Fly roughly 2000km 3. Watch almost the entirety of TitanicRead More →

I must start this review with a disclaimer – this episode was boring. Like make up daydreams in your head, wonder what you’re doing with your life, boring. I’ll do what I can to make this entertaining, but there’s only so much you can do when your source material isRead More →