Our Star Wars Gift Guide for 2021

Looking for a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? Fangirlish has put together a gift guide to help you out!

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ is Giving Us Quality Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is a gift to us all but especially in A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once aka the Yeoh Multiverse of Madness!

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Artists of 2021

To help spread some love and catch you up on any artists you might’ve missed, here are our favorite LGBTQ+ musicians of 2021.

‘Big Sky’ 2×07 Review: “Little Boxes”

Big Sky is back, and the latest episode did not waste time unpacking a bunch of things. The previous episode “Heart Shaped Charm” gave us a lot as well and I guess with the mini break in between, it was…

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Our Favorite TikToks of the Year

TikTok is a treasure trove of content that keeps giving and we’ve put together a list of our favorite ones from 2021.

Josephine Langford Set To Star In Rom-Com ‘The Other Zoey’

Josephine Langford, star of the After franchise, and one of our favorite people has nabbed another lead role.

10 Things You Can Buy with the $30 million from the Cancelled ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-off

What could you buy with the $30 million Game of Thrones spent on a scrapped prequel? We’ve got a couple of ideas!

Exclusive Interview With ‘Harlem’s’ Tyler Lepley

In the new Amazon Prime series Harlem, the women are the stars. That doesn’t mean the men’s stories are any less valid. One of the men at the heart of this series is Camille’s ex-boyfriend Ian played by Tyler Lepley.…

Exclusive Interview With ‘Harlem’ Stars Meagan Good and Jerrie Johnson

There’s nothing like having a set of really great girlfriends in your life. Friends lift you up when you’re down. Harlem is a show about that.

‘Single All the Way’ & the Fanfic Tropes That Made Us Love It

Single All the Way on Netflix is chock-full of fanfiction tropes that made us love this movie and it’s Christmas LGBTQ goodness.

Fangirlish 2021 End Of Year Lists: Our Top Artists Of 2021

We have once again arrived at our end of the year lists. It sounds crazy to say we have reached the end of the year. I think we can all agree 2020 was a blur on it’s own with all…

Exclusive: Interview With ‘Harlem’ Writer/Creator Tracy Oliver

We recently had the opportunity to sit down for a quick chat with Harlem writer and creator Tracy Oliver to talk about the show.

The TikTok Ringlight Challenge is Full of Hot People, Period

The TikTok ring light challenge is really over here making us thirst over back muscles and we’re not complaining.

6 Reasons To Watch Amazon Prime’s ‘Harlem’

Harlem, the new series written and created by Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip) is out now and we think this show is definitely one to watch.

Queerly Not Straight: 7 More LGBTQ+ Webtoons You Should Read in 2021

Looking for even more LGBTQ+ Webtoons to read before 2021 is over? Queerly Not Straight has put together a list of recommendations!

Exclusive Interview: Melanie Zanetti, and Giulio Berruti Talk ‘Gabriel’s Rapture: Part One’

Passionflix has struck gold with the Gabriel films and we talk with lead stars Melanie Zanetti and Giulio Berruti about Julianne and Gabriel.

17 #Harlivy Fanart Pieces That Made Us Swoon

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, also known as #Harlivy, belong together and these fanart pieces are proof of that!

Steve from ‘Blue’s Clues’ is on TikTok & His Latest Video is Precious

Steve Burns latest video on TikTok is exactly what we needed after Thanksgiving and you should be watching.

Thanksgiving Is A Mess And The Internet Shows Us Why

In Thanksgiving things don’t go the way they should and it’s all a mess. And internet needs to see that mess. You too! Ready?

‘Doctor Who’ Triggers Man Who Thinks Women Can’t Be Role Models, Cuz Fragile Masculinity

Doctor Who really triggered a man’s fragile masculinity and reveals how little he truly thinks of women as role models.

Keanu Reeves Needs to Continue His Reign of Being the Internet’s Boyfriend

If there’s anything that we want to continue happening it’s Keanu Reeves continuing his reign of being the internet’s boyfriend.