Week 1 of the NFL delivered plenty of surprises and excellent football games, hopefully week 2 can deliver the same. We have everything from unexpectedly good match ups in the AFC East (that doesn’t include the New England Patriots), a game between two quarterbacks that played really well last week,Read More →

So Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season is in the books and as always, we have more questions than answers at the moment. Can anyone stop the Patriots? Are the good Week 1 performances from the  Broncos, Buccaneers and Jets the real deal or just illusion? How does NathanRead More →

The first week of the NFL season is in the books, and it was an eventful one to say the least. Rookie head coaches, rookie quarterbacks, blown leads, improbable comebacks, downright embarrassing performances, downright surprising performances, there was something for everyone. Week 1 can be a funny thing. Or aRead More →

It’s that time again!! The NFL is back and I am so excited! Every week of this season I will be picking what I think are going to be the five biggest games of the week, whether for excitement, rivalry, playoff implications, or just a plain great game. Week 1Read More →

Hello everybody! The 2018 NFL regular season is here and we can’t be any more excited for the new season. And with a new season continues that grand tradition of Fangirlish writers and our  predictions for the NFL week by week. Questions? Yeah there are plenty. How much will KhalilRead More →

There’s no better feeling than the start of the NFL season. Well, next to your favorite team winning the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, I have not experienced the latter, so I shall have to settle for the start of a new season. As we prepare for the start of the 2018Read More →

It’s that time of year again! That time that brings out so much joy and anger in us all. That’s right; I’m talking about football season! The NFL kicks off this Thursday with a game between defending Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. We here atRead More →

David vs. Goliath. Rocky vs. Ivan Drago. Eagles vs. Patriots. Welcome to Super Bowl LII. Eagles fans will remind you that they’re embracing their underdog status. Patriots fans will remind you that they still have Tom Brady, so they’re always going to be favored to win. And football fans, thatRead More →

Super Bowl Week has officially kicked off as the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots descended upon Minneapolis, Minnesota, in advance of Sunday’s big game for Opening Night, otherwise known as Media Day. The Patriots met the media first. Highlights included: Tom Brady addressing comments about his five-year old daughter,Read More →

Well, this 2017 NFL season sure does continue to bring the entertainment, even if the overall product is down from seasons past with injuries. Week 11 was no exception as the Saints and Vikings continued their dominance, and where Connor Barth was finally put out of his misery. From impressiveRead More →