“Trampoline” wraps up Season Two of The Good Doctor with happy endings for just about everyone. Shaun has his job back and gets a date. Aaron is cancer-free and engaged. Dr. Han is out, and it looks like Lim will replace him as chief of surgery. All good stuff, evenRead More →

Does anyone have a spare helicopter I can use? I need to drop it onto an arrogant doctor. In “Breakdown,” Shaun finally reaches his breaking point over his exile to Pathology. And if you thought you’d already seen Dr. Han at his worst, think again. A Medical Machiavelli I canRead More →

Before watching “Risk and Reward” here on the west coast, I’d seen just enough in social media to have tissues at the ready. I didn’t expect that what I’d really need was my husband’s punching bag! Yes, I was moved by the struggle to save Persephone, a baby with multipleRead More →

No new episode of The Good Doctor tonight, so instead, we’ll take a look back at last Monday’s “Faces.” For the most part it’s an excellent episode, with the character relationships and the cathartic moments we expect every week. But what was intended to be a leaven in an otherwiseRead More →

Fans of the weekly medical drama can rejoice! ABC has renewed The Good Doctor for a third season! Here’s how the show broke the good news on Twitter: And the cast joined the celebration! The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, a surgical resident with autism. The castRead More →

According to Wikipedia, “In Chinese philosophy, xin can refer to one’s ‘disposition’ or ‘feelings…’ or to one’s confidence or trust in something or someone… Literally, xin refers to the physical heart, though it is sometimes translated as ‘mind’ as the ancient Chinese believed the heart was the center of humanRead More →

“Aftermath” is a cooling-off episode after the crucible of “Quarantine.” Things are changing. It will take a little time to determine just where they will settle, but we’re already seeing new relationships and potential upheavals. The Relationships Shaun & Lea: Aaron still doesn’t quite trust Lea. He keeps trying toRead More →

“Quarantine Part Two” picks up exactly where The Good Doctor left us in December: A so-far fatal virus has the ER quarantined. The people stuck in the quarantine include a bone marrow donor, a pregnant woman, and Dr. Park’s son, who’s having a severe asthma attack. Dr. Lim has theRead More →

“Quarantine” is the perfect blend for The Good Doctor’s mid-season finale. It’s an old-fashioned medical procedural, layered with just the right amount of emotional character development and winding up with multiple cliffhangers. San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital is plunged into a crisis when two patients arrive with a highly contagiousRead More →

“Empathy” is about more than just being able to put yourself in another’s shoes. It’s also about how we react when choices are taken away from us. Do we accept what’s left, or do we find another route? The Choices Three men find themselves in situations where choices are madeRead More →

We can usually count on The Good Doctor to weave stories of humanity into strange medical cases. We get both of these in “Stories.” The episode also delivers some strong yet non-preachy messaging about vaccinations, and it reminds us hospital management is Machiavellian. Vaccinate Your Kids! The show is unequivocalRead More →

This episode of The Good Doctor is all about control; control of ourselves, control of others around us. Some people try to control others for different reasons. Sometimes those reasons are altruistic, and sometimes they’re self-serving. And we all try… and sometimes fail… to control our own lives. “Hubert” examinesRead More →

I confess, I’m having trouble with this review of “Carrots.” It’s not that it was a bad episode, but neither did it really capture me. It’s rare for The Good Doctor to leave me this ambivalent, so bear with me while I break this down, and maybe figure out whyRead More →

Coming on the heels of the Kavanaugh confirmation, “36 Hours” resonates in a way the writers could never have anticipated. This episode reflects on how men treat women, how women treat women… and how women treat men, as well. How Men Treat Women Two episodes ago, Dr. Andrews told ClaireRead More →

There is truth, there are lies, and then there is the middle ground. Most of us know how to navigate between these places, when to tell the absolute truth, when to tell a comforting or protective lie, and when we need to say something from that wide space in theRead More →

“Hello” may be the title of The Good Doctor’s Season 2 premiere. But this episode, written by star Freddie Highmore, is really about how we handle goodbyes. Highmore’s Dr. Shaun Murphy faces an actual goodbye and a possible one. The first, he can handle. His colleague Jared is leaving SanRead More →

A good season finale leaves the viewer hungry for more, not just because of a cliffhanger, but because of the strength of the story and the performances that bring it to life. In its first season finale, The Good Doctor delivered. “More” takes a slight step back from the ensembleRead More →

It’s not a good thing when the promo for next week’s episode sticks with a reviewer more than the episode she’s supposed to be reviewing right now. But that’s what’s happening for me with this episode of The Good Doctor. Despite an especially earnest performance by Patrick Sabongui as theRead More →

Physical pain is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong and needs to be treated. Sometimes we try to tough it out. Or we try to self-medicate – a route that too often ends up badly, because pain is a symptom and trying to numb it away doesRead More →