You win some, you lose some. That should have been the tagline for the midseason finale of Conviction, ‘A Different Kind of Death’,  as Hayes Morrison and her team faced their toughest case yet, which prompted them to make some tough decisions, and face some truths about themselves. This wasRead More →


News broke this week that ABC has cancelled Conviction, meaning that they will only air the 13 episodes that they already ordered instead of creating a full season. And while I haven’t been exactly glowing of the series in my reviews I did think it had potential and it’s sadRead More →

We are clearly meant to root for Hayes Morrison, but all heroes have to be humbled at some point and this was Hayes’ humbling moment. She has become almost predictable in how she acts out and when the press started referring to her position as helping the innocent, so HayesRead More →

Last week we got a little teaser of what Hayes Morrison and her team are capable of when they put their heads together and this week in Bridge and Tunnelvision, we have a new case, that affects Hayes’ frenemy, Wallace. Let’s get ready for  ‘Bridge and Tunnelvision’: CONVICTION (1×02): “BridgeRead More →

I have been known to say I would watch anything that Hayley Atwell stars in just to get a glimpse of her, and this is what prompted my watching of the pilot of Conviction, eager to see how she will portray this new heroine. Hayes Morrison is definitely no PeggyRead More →