Take a deep breath and hold my hand, fans of Gillian Anderson’s portrayal as Media on Starz’s American Gods. Our goddess and queen will not be returning when American Gods returns for a second season. As if the news that she wasn’t returning to The X-Files weren’t enough, we get hit with this blow. AccordingRead More →


Wattpad has established itself as a social media, writing powerhouse, delivering some of the most visionary writers of this generation to the mainstream literary market. Giving potential and aspiring authors a platform for their work like no other; to not only post and have people read their ideas, but toRead More →

We have lost something in the past few years. It is clear in the current fabric of media and journalism that we have lost accountability. We have lost the truth of news meaning anything beyond a quick splash that never truly resonates. We have lost the ability to be takenRead More →

I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot this week, especially considering the Steelers advanced to the Divisional Round and that just means one more week of Ben Roethlisberger. Or, what is worse, one more week of the media trying to cover Ben Roethlisbeger in a way that doesn’t come offRead More →