Like Sam, I love a good crossover. I’ve seen many over the years (DCTV, the early years of One Chicago (“8:30PM/A Dark Day” remains one of my favorites, RIP Shay) and even strange ones like B99 and New Girl. Besides the draw of an overarching narrative affecting a host ofRead More →


The crossover events are hands down one of my favorite parts of the One Chicago shows, and this one might just be my favorite one yet. There was a lot of action and suspense, and I love seeing the characters form all three shows interacting. Just like they said atRead More →

One of the most beautiful things about television – and the arts in general – is the power that they command when it comes to emotions. Emotions are the foundation of the very lives we lead. Everything we do is dictated by our feelings. It’s the cause of the multitudeRead More →