Oh, Belle. Happy ever after doesn’t really seem to be in the cards for you, does it? Because the baby is coming. Yes, the baby is coming now. Sooner than we expected. Sooner than we wanted, even. And that doesn’t really bode well, for either him or his mother. AndRead More →


The Evil Queen is back! Oh, you mean she’s been around for a few episodes? Fine, then …the Evil Queen from the Pilot is back.,the one whose happiness was dependant on the death of Snow White. It just so happens that, these days, if you kill Snow, you get bonusRead More →

More and more characters from my childhood keep popping up in Once Upon A Time – this time Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. And, considering we know only just one other Captain, this episode is clearly going to be Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook heavy. NotRead More →

Aladdin and Jasmine are finally here, and as someone who watched and re-watched this movie more than any other Disney movie as a kid, and someone who still knows probably every word to every song in that soundtrack, I have to say …I’m excited. Concerned. Vaguely nauseous. Isn’t that justRead More →