Happy Halloween, blindspotters! A day late, I know, but you’re probably full of candy right now so it’s a good time to stop and check out the pictures for episode 4×04, entitled “Sous – Vide,” as well as the promo. It seems that we will not be able to breathe watchingRead More →


Nothing will be the same after Earth-2. A new trailer for upcoming episodes of The Flash was released and teases some dark times ahead for Barry Allen, including a possible dark turn after his encounter with Zoom on Earth-2. The new promo also features footage from Arrow‘s Diggle and Lyla’s upcoming stint onRead More →

What’s more terrifying than a villain that uses children’s toys as deadly weapons? Meet the Toyman. CBS has released a promo for Monday’s all-new episode of Supergirl, titled “Childish Things,” which features Henry Czerny’s debut as the Toyman, aka Winn’s father. And Winn isn’t too happy to hear about hisRead More →

From nobodies to legends. A new trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow features a focus on our eight misfits coming together and realizing that they are capable of making a difference. Making a difference and saving the world. When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends. Having seenRead More →