Tickets for the latest Wattpad writer event were released this am, and Wattpaders far and wide are now in full orange excitement for what is to come. And at only $10 each, you’d be silly to miss out! October 21, 2017,  from 10am-630pm, Toronto will be seeing orange as anRead More →


It is always an exciting day when an author gets to celebrate their ‘book birthday’. The day that their book is launched into the world. For many authors, their books are like their children; hours of work, love, worry and perfection spent, culminating in this day that you hand thatRead More →

We all know that Wattpad is a mecca of incredible stories. No matter your reading preference, you can, and probably will, find it on the site. The writers that post their work are varied, talented and enjoy the limitless opportunities provided to them from Wattpad, and the encouragement to tryRead More →