We knew it was coming, and yet, it still feels like a surprise. After releasing his newest single and video for Lights Up not along ago, fans of Harry Styles knew that a new album was on the way. He had already talked about the writing sessions, the creative processRead More →


We all love a good thriller. Whether it is a TV show, movie, or novel, being led to the edge of our seat, our minds conjuring endless possibilities to answer the questions placed in front of us are all part of incredible story telling. The chance to be wowed, toRead More →

It feels like after months of a musical drought, One Direction fans are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. First Niall, then Harry release new singles, and now it seems that Louis Tomlinson is hot on their heels. His new single, “We Made It” is comingRead More →

A new year brings with it new goals, new hopes, and also new books! There are countless new ┬áreleases we have already added to our want lists, and many of those for 2018 just happen to be from Wattpad authors! Some of the best and brightest of the forum willRead More →

This has been a busy week for our 1D lads, with performances, concerts, videos and announcements galore! So we’re going to get right to it for the 1D Chronicles for this week! HARRY Mr Styles has been busy this week, announcing upcoming appearances and performances on not only the AriaRead More →

This has been another busy week for the 1D lads, with new songs, concerts and more all over the world. It is nothing they aren’t already used to, but this time around it is all on them as individuals as they celebrate and navigate solo success. So let’s get rightRead More →

For those of you who are team Horan, and have been waiting (im)patiently for any and all announcements with regard to his first solo release since the hiatus began in late 2015, today was a very good day for you. Not only was yesterday Niall’s 24th birthday, but today (SeptRead More →

I think it would be safe to say that most people who have fallen in love with Harry Styles solo sound have been anxiously awaiting which track the crooner will choose as his second hit. There are plenty to choose from, all with different vibes, emotions and tenors, and fansRead More →

I have to start off by saying this: I love my job here at Fangirlish. Contributing to the site gives me the opportunity to write about the things I love and immerse myself in every day, reach an amazing audience of fandom loving squee-freaks such as myself, and in someRead More →

It is always an exciting day when an author gets to celebrate their ‘book birthday’. The day that their book is launched into the world. For many authors, their books are like their children; hours of work, love, worry and perfection spent, culminating in this day that you hand thatRead More →

The countdown is on… Ever since Harry Styles started teasing us with his cryptic instagram posts of random white squares, One Direction fans knew something was coming. Then came the commercial, a simple piano ballad that showed Styles walking towards a door, with the date April 7 flashing at theRead More →

Remember not long before Harry Styles now infamous Another Man magazines hits stands, the mysterious and reclusive singer took to Instagram and posted 3 plain white, blank, non-descript images? Now, those of us who know of Mr Styles and his preference for the abstract, thought very little on it untilRead More →

This is it! Everyone stay calm, all hands on deck! The anticipation of the upcoming solo One Direction releases has been enough to set the fandom on edge since the boys first went on their hiatus more than a year ago. One by one, we have heard snips from each,Read More →

Who knew 2 words could put a fandom into such a frenzy? But it has happened, as multiple sources state that Harry Styles solo album is ready, and about to drop ‘very soon’. Since ‘very soon’ is such an ambiguous time frame, the fans of the 1D hitmaker are tryingRead More →