It’s like something out of a movie, except that it is all too real. A celebrity, looking to do a kind act, offers money to a homeless person down on their luck. What follows is months of fear, anxiety and uncertainty as the celeb feels a prisoner in their ownRead More →


The hiatus of One Direction has given us four times the music, videos, appearances and more, and the diversity of these is all over the map. It feels like we never really know what is coming next, with fans waiting in anticipation for the next big thing to drop fromRead More →

Any time Harry Styles appears on a show, you know fans will be glued to their TVs for every word he speaks. There is little Styles could do that would not draw a crowd, as since his hiatus with One Direction he has a number 1 album, single, and filmRead More →

He’s a cheeky little bugger, he is. In keeping with his cryptic and teasing ways, today (May 6) Styles released a 16 second clip of what will be his first solo music video, for his debut Sign of the Times. A piano ballad, lovely scenery, the song title and MayRead More →

April 7, 2017 is a date many have been anticipating with baited breath for the last several weeks. Since the first hints from DJs that a new song would be hitting the airwaves this date, to 30 second commercials that stilled the hearts of fangirls and fanboys across the world,Read More →