The Philadelphia Eagles have ridden their underdog status through the playoffs. When everyone was counting them out — after they lost Carson Wentz — the Eagles kept proving that they’re more than their quarterback. The Atlanta Falcons? Beat them. The Minnesota Vikings? Destroyed them. The New England Patriots? Stunned them.Read More →


David vs. Goliath. Rocky vs. Ivan Drago. Eagles vs. Patriots. Welcome to Super Bowl LII. Eagles fans will remind you that they’re embracing their underdog status. Patriots fans will remind you that they still have Tom Brady, so they’re always going to be favored to win. And football fans, thatRead More →

Super Bowl Week has officially kicked off as the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots descended upon Minneapolis, Minnesota, in advance of Sunday’s big game for Opening Night, otherwise known as Media Day. The Patriots met the media first. Highlights included: Tom Brady addressing comments about his five-year old daughter,Read More →